Avon Valley Cookout Health Clinic 2020

Trip Leader: Rob Nankiville

Co Trip: Peter Cole

Date: Friday 17 July to Sunday 19 July at the Ces Barrows Camping Ground (8 lucky adults and 2 kids were able to extend their stay until Monday)
There were 22 memberships on the attendance list – Unfortunately 3 cancelled prior to the event meaning we had a total of 19 Memberships including 1 visitor. (32 Adults & 5 Kids!!) In previous years only 5 or 6 people have turned up on the Friday and everyone else would join on the Saturday – This time, to everyone’s surprise ALL 19 turned up on the Friday. One even on a push bike towing a little trailer box arriving in the dark!! (To be explained later)

What a great weekend it was, only a few light showers early Friday then great days from then on although it was COLD especially for those without heaters in their vans! Tent and camper trailer people are a stronger breed ?– The track in was as flat and smooth as Roe Highway – Our bike rider with his dull front headlight didn’t see some of the mud puddles until it was too late – not one complaint was heard –  This  is FYI for Peter F and apparently there are whispers circulating that he complained about the condition of the dirt road on a previous trip.

Marie and Ivan were the last to arrive on the Friday evening after some google map discrepancies (and possibly a lady who had asked google to take them to the wrong place by accident…whoops)

Most retreated to their beds by about 9pm but for those who were brave enough to stand the cold, they got to taste Marie and Ivan’s Spanish dessert – churros – Spanish doughnuts with warm Spanish chocolate…. A great way to finish up a cold Friday night.

Being that it was an early night, most people were up super early and by the time I got up, the fires were blazing and there was plenty of hot water for my coffee.

The group had been briefed about a President’s cooking challenge to take place on Saturday Lunch time.

The President’s Challenge was a bit of a surprise as Gary did not anticipate many would take on the challenge – but I think everyone put up a dish and the entries fed the group very well indeed !!!

The Challenge Rules were:
  • To produce a dish of at least 4 serves to be presented at lunchtime on Saturday.
  • Can be savoury or sweet.
  • The dish must be made using the ingredient criteria: No Fresh, No Fridge, and No Freezer
  • To be judged solely by the President…no Correspondence would be entered into.
  • A prize will be given… along with everlasting fame !!



The winner was Sue & Dave Morrison with a yummy Spicy Tomato & Lentil Soup – Gary presented them with the winning prize – a Spun Steel Camp Oven valued at about $70.
The wooden spoon prize went to the Baskerville Family for a fruit cake with “spicy” topping – This cake happened to get severely burnt and they ingeniously tried to cover it up with ICING. Lots of laughs all round. Gary had earlier mentioned that he was to sample each dish first before all others and they thought this would be a good joke – Gary must have caught on and only sampled the edge of the cake without the “spicy” topping – Their prize for this delight was a dehydrated meal (just add water), surely they can’t burn that!!
For the remainder of the arvo, some went for a hike, others ate and drank more, and we all enjoyed the relaxation that camping offers.
I was keen to check out David’s bike and trailer situation. I could barely believe that he rode a push bike (with a very small motor) from Perth all the way out to Avon Valley. The trailer was about 1.2 metres long and 50cm wide. He seemed to have everything in that trailer…He started pulling out a tent, camping gear, batteries, water, food … you name it, he had everything in that trailer. I kind of felt silly that I had spent so much time packing up our car full of all our stuff and to see that Dave managed to get all he needed into a small trailer. Well done Dave!

The Main Saturday Night Meal

On Saturday night we had a share meal where everyone placed either mains or dessert (or both) on the table for everyone to share and enjoy. The dishes were AMAZING and so flavoursome! Unknown to all Rob and Peter had arranged a few prizes for the best meals.
Robs words “As a judge with Peter – I found this very hard as all meals were first class – who said you can’t eat well whilst camping”
Second prize went to Kim & Gail Graieg for their Curried Sausages – They were presented with a detachable handle frypan.
First Prize went to Kirsten and Matt Thrush for their Red Wine Stew with Parmesan Dumplings – yummo! They were presented with a $80 gift voucher for BCF.  – Have fun spending that!
One other prize was awarded!   Who would not know that when you place liquid on an extremely hot fire it would boil – apparently a Scientist doesn’t.   For this cooking disaster – Mark Buntine was given the wooden spoon award – a packet cake mix for presenting us with a geyser which almost put out the communal fire…  well almost.

Next Year
Some notes/comments from our great organiser Rob Nankiville.We will hold this event at a similar time (last weekend of school holidays in July) starting Friday 16 July 2021 (I will try and arrange good weather like this year).    There will be some type of President’s Challenge for Saturday Lunch. Our President’s threat for future was  “How many ways can you cook Spam” ..!
A Share Meal on Saturday Night – because the quality was top notch…and no duplicates.
We may look at extra Firewood bags and/or getting a source closer to the site and have wood delivered
We noticed that the smaller Red Roads and similar fire pits used much less firewood and pumped out heaps more heat than the cement fireplace or washing machine fire pits – As a thought, next year we may just use the smaller efficient ones – still being discussed and will depend on how many will be brought there are on the weekend and how many fires are needed for cooking.

In Closing
Peter and Rob would like to thank all who attended and the Committee for the allocation of funds to make this a fantastic weekend.
Report by Rob and Marie

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