Big Valley 2013

Trip Leader:   Martin and Karen Archer & Roger and Janice Freegard.

When:   12th – 18th November, 2013

Location:  Big Valley Campsite Rosa Glen

Participants:    53 Adults and 3 children

12th  – 15th  Saw the arrival of  the forward scouting party of  Belchers, Archers and Freegards at the Big Valley Camp Site.    This period prior to the arrival of the main group of members on the 16th was primarily to carry out some pre tripping of the proposed 4WD runs for Saturday.
This decision was soon found to be fortuitous as a large number of the proposed tracks leading to the proposed runs of Boranup Beach and Canebreak Pool , were blocked with fallen trees on the  approach routes.   Beaches were also severely eroded making access for beach runs very difficult especially as the expected convoy numbers were expected to be high.
Friday 16th  Main group of members arrived, quickly filling up the site which had increased its capacity both in power and water sites since the early years of the club’s visits.
The lamb was slowly cooking on the spit during the afternoon whilst members and visitors quickly sorted out all their  camping equipment and facilities.
The evening commenced with the lamb being carved by volunteer chefs, Rick, Martin and  Jeff. 
The ladies assembling a fabulous array of salads, pastas and various meats.
Desserts were as good as any top Perth hotel.
The evening was wrapped up with a few beverages and a camp fire get together with visitors and members.
Saturday 17th  Was yet another fine day in Paradise. Those deciding to join the arranged trip were assembled by 9.30am for a pre-trip talk from Martin. The balance of the couples decided to do their own thing for the day, sightseeing, shopping or just relaxing  in the sun.
Seventeen vehicles joined the run for the morning,  a short trip through the forest to Canebreak Pool for Morno’s and /or swim, followed by a track trip through the bush back to the camp.
Unfortunately early into the trip, Glen experienced an electrical problem, the cause of which was not immediately obvious. This resulted in Jeff in his Mitsubishi, almost having to tow Glen in his Toyota back to camp. Fortunately Glen with his expertise of most things electrical soon discovered a severed wire which, when replaced, proved to be the problem solved. 
Thanks go to Jeff and Maxine for their valuable assistance in this matter.
The convoy continued through water and bush hazards that proved to be only a small challenge to most drivers, eventually arriving at Canebreak Pool. 
A couple of the members decided to swim with the rest enjoying a quick refreshment break.
The second part of the trip was led by Roger who proceeded through the forest and located a pre- tripped, long forgotten, track. Negotiation of this section was interesting, having an extremely overgrown track for drivers to successfully negotiate.
Fortunately due to his better understanding of Oz Explorer, Roger did not manage to get lost on this trip and arrived back at camp with all members of the convoy present!
Saturday evening a quiz night had been arranged by the Freegards. As usual the assembled 7 teams  soon entered into the spirit of the game, giving the poor questioner no peace all evening.
A spirited close game ensued with the winners declared as table 6, a table including George, Brett, Julie, Rick, John plus 1 other.
Sunday 18th  Those who had been participating in the “Hit and Hope” golf completion which took place over the three days , completed their cards for the tournament and submitted  to the adjudicator  for the male and female winner to be decided.
Lunch was held at Woody Nook Restaurant, a venue successfully used during past visits.
The majority of members and visitors attended the function and good food was received by most.
The winners of the golf competition  Linda and George were awarded their prizes, with the understanding that their win will ensure handicaps will be drastically reduced next year at this event.
Those travelling back home on this day said their fond farewells to the group and the remainder went back to camp via the chocolate factory, cheese shop or winery for a well earned rest.

Roger and Jan

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