Boyup Brook Country Music Festival

Trip Leader: Richard and Helen Kingston

When: 12th – 15th February 2009

Location: Boyup Brook WA


This really wasn’t a Club Trip as such but seeing as how it was advertised in the magazine we thought we had better do some trip notes to let everyone know what a good weekend we all had!

George & Linda were the first ones to arrive at the paddock opposite the Flax Mill Caravan Park on the Thursday and set up their caravan.  On Friday morning they headed off to Harvey Dicksons Country Music Centre for breakfast and entertainment.

Guy & Wendy and Richard & Helen set off from their respective homes early on Friday morning and met up just outside Collie where Wendy had stopped off to buy a warmer parker – it was freezing after the 40 degree days we had just had in Perth!!!  We arrived at Boyup Brook around 10am and set up camp then drove into town to check out what was happening.  We found George and Linda at the back of the tourist centre listening to bush poetry. 

Lunch was back at camp and then we wandered back to town again to listen to another concert after which we went back to the caravans for happy hour.  John & Rosalie King phoned to say they weren’t able to make it down for the weekend now as their daughter had an unforeseen appointment and they needed to baby-sit their grandkids.  We wandered over to the music centre, set up our chairs and then headed off to the hot spud van for tea – yum!  It was freezing cold and everyone was well and truly rugged up…………..the local Op Shop had done a roaring trade selling warm pants, tops, scarves & beanies to the tourists who had come prepared for hot weather!  Lots of country music which finished up with a great concert from the Wolverines.  Around midnight, just as we were getting ready for bed, 
George & Linda’s daughter Jo and husband Brett and 2 kids arrived.  Everyone helped them set up and get organized then it was off to bed.

Saturday dawned cool and windy and it was off to town again for the street markets, buskers and the Ute & Truck Muster.  Lunch was back at the camp and then we sat around for the afternoon and watched the wind pick up all the dust and push it thru the paddocks near us.  Luckily we were quite protected where we were but it was so windy that it collapsed 4 tents in the middle of the paddock and blew away anything that wasn’t anchored or tied down.  Back to the music park for tea and more entertainment.  Not so cold but quite windy still.

Sunday morning we were all up reasonably early and headed off to the music park for breakfast and entertainment by the Bush Poets – lots of laughter and good times.  Jo & Brett headed off home in the morning.  It was hot & sunny so during the day we packed up the vans, sought out the shade, listened to the music and one by one headed off towards home.

Another good country music weekend was had by all.

Helen Kingston

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