Canning Stock Route

Trip Leader: Dave Morrison

Date:   18th July

Dave Jones. Muzz & Rachel Baskerville Ivan Cifuentes & Marie Murphy.

Dave, Muzz, Rachel and myself left from  WA4WD Association Gathering at Karratha on Monday the 15 July and met up with Ivan and Marie at Port Hedland further north.

Left Wolf Creek Crater camp ground @ 8am after having a look at the Crater and photos taken.
Short run out of the camp area was smooth but soon hit the corrugations and all agreed to lower tyre pressures. This was a wise move as we had not known how bad the corrugations would be.

Arrived at Billiluna all needing to fill tanks as we would not have  more fuel until Kunawarritji.    $2.50 per litre  via a pre pay card system caused us a little delay but soon on the way and back to the corrugations.
First night at Chungla Well nice camp fire was welcome as it was cold once the sun set.

19th July
Left Chungla Well @ 7.30am after finding that David had a battery problem with one of his Optima Batteries, started car with secondary battery.
Plan was to make Well 47.
Dave M had his light bar bracket sheer so needed to remove the light…also no end of bash plate issues caused bolts to work loose and in the end the plate must have struck something causing it to bend.
Arrived at Well 47 @ 4.10pm.
We tried to remove the plate but this caused problems…  all tired and hungry so had a late dinner and off to bed.

20th July
Early start 6am had a fresh look at the bash plate and more bolts installed.
Muzza noticed a screw in one of his tyres.   This put up a fight and needed to be removed to allow the plug to be pushed in.
David J had switched his freezer off for the night to to save power on his secondary battery. Colder outside anyway.   All set off for another day on the track.
35 Km down and David J noticed that the lower shock absorber bush had flogged out  so at Well 46 a new shock was fitted.

The corrugations  seemed to be taking a toll on a number of other cars we saw on the track.

We pressed on to Well 45.   By this time we had not overcome the bash plate issues and used a ratchet strap to hold the plate up.
David  J had another lower bush issue on another shock absorber.
Made it to Well 45 @ 3.30pm

21st July
All up @ 6am Nice looking day. Left camp at 8.30am our plan was to get to Well 43 all took photos etc then pressed on to Well 41 covered 115 km that day.

22nd July
Left camp at 8.30.  Little issue with rear carrier on Dave M’s car,  soon sorted and on our way to Well 41.
Loo was full but maintenances hitches had been taken.   Need to let Track Care know.
We all took on fresh water as the well water was very good plus our clothes washing was mounting.

We set off  to travel over the sand dunes in the Great Sandy Desert once again.
The dunes had been chopped out though this was OK as long as you kept momentum. However the damage to the track was extreme to say the least.

As we passed Well 40 the dunes started again and it was at this point Dave Morrison started to hear some unusual noises from his car.

We progressed to Tobin Lake and it was then that we noticed that the Triton had suffered a catastrophic failure on the chassis between the cab and tray.

Dave M. to continue in his words as it would be better for him to pen the outcome.

Trip Leaders report :  Dave, Muzz, Rachel and Myself left from Karratha on Monday the 15 July and meet up with Ivan and Marie at Port Hedland, We camped at a free campsite about 100K south of Roebuck Roadhouse.



Tuesday the 16th July we left the camp site and drove to Fitzroy river Lodge and camped for the night. Wednesday the 17th July we left the camp and headed to Hall Creek for fuel then on to Wolf Creek and camped overnight. On the Thursday 18th July we went from Wolf Creek to the Billiluna Community and the start of the Canning Stock Route.






We Left the Canning Stock Route at Kunawaritji Community and headed for Marble Bar to Camp overnight.  We all said our goodbyes and Dave and myself drove home.

Dave M didn’t have too many words.   He salvaged his fridge, shared food / fuel throughout the remaining 3 cars, grabbed his swag, and hitched a ride with Dave J.    Luckily there was still a second seat  in place in his car.
No need to travel back ‘Granny Clampett’ style on Dave J’s roof rack.
The planned trip was terminated and all headed off the CSR.


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