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Showcasing some of the more challenging drives that the club hosts. It is a prerequisite that your vehicle and driver skills be sufficient to tackle this sort of trip. With most trips being graded 4 or 5 you wont find any doilys or tea cups on these trips, you will find adventure and adrenaline. This is 4WDing at it’s best.

Paul’s Bush Trip

Date: 2nd November 2019

Trip Leader: Paul Ryan

Co Trip:

Convoy: Rachel Theunissen, Rochelle and Dave Norcliffe, Paolo Solero, Les,

We all arrived at the Pinjarra Bakery at Pinjarra. 8 vehicles in all.

Paul then gave us our rules for the day and one of them was ‘not to do as he does…or follow Les’.!

First hill we came across Les went the wrong way but managed to back down the hill and go the 'right' way. 

Was VERY tricky the first hill.

Next was a decline and all went well.

Then a steep incline with a view I found a bit...

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Locked and Lifted in the Hills – Harvey

Trip 372 – 24 August 2019 – Locked and Lifted in the Hills.  Trip Leader: Paul Ryan. We met at Harvey SHS, just next to a colourful mosaic tree.  Paul taking the lead in his white Landcruiser with Rachel as passenger, followed by Nick in a white Pajero Sport, Phil and Chief in a green D-Max, Rob in a go-anywhere red Suzuki, Steve and Sue in a white D-Max and, once they came around to the right side of the school, Les and Leith in a dark coloured Ford Ranger, bringing up the rear...
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TRIP LEADER:                Mark Buntine

CO TRIP LEADER:         Khiem Nguyen

DATE:                                   20th January, 2019



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Lennards Track 2018

Date:      Saturday 24th February, 2018. Trip Leader:  Paul Ryan Followers : Rachel Theunissen, Joe Metcalf and nephew Andrew, Gary, Nikki and Blake Hanley, Paolo Solera (visitor) Dave and Tina Moore, Kim Nguyen and friend, Mark Buntine andVicky Barnett , Janine Rosser, Ivan Cifuentes and Marie, Tom Van Hall, Pam Abbott, Benjamin Green (visitor) Phil Pusey And Wendy (visitors). Tail End Charlies : Bruce and Judith Brinkley

Trip Report:   Janine Rosser's Perspective

24th Feb-early Paul had us all gather at the  Southbound BP servo on the freeway not far from Baldivis, the shadows were...

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Adelaide Road in the Wet

Trip Leaders:  Mark & Julie Myles

  Mark and had watched the rain in the preceding week with mounting anticipation (anxiety).  Being the school holidays we were able to head down to Marg’s for a leisurely pre-trip week enabling us to complete a quick recky.  We discovered vast areas of water and continuing rainfall.   Most of the participants headed down to the (beautiful) Big Valley Campsite in Rosa Brook on the Friday night, gathering at 6pm at Colonial Brewery for the awesome $10 pizza night.  Pizzas and a sneaky pint...

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Lane Pool

Trip Leader John Holbrook

Participants: Craig Perry, John Holbrook, Michael Gilbert, Glenn Bignell, Daniel Hearn, Peter Nicol With the weekend weather predicted to be perfect, six vehicles assembled at the Baden Powell camping ground for some four wheel driving and conviviality. Trip Leader, John Holbrook, accompanied by friend Laura and John Snr arrived early to select a suitable area to make camp. The popularity of the Reserve was indicated by “FULL” signs against many of the camping areas. The Baden Powell camping ground was well populated, but oil & gas engineering expert Laura found an...
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