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Leeman Environmental Day with Tending the Tracks alliance

Trip No: 528 Trip Leaders: Bruce and Judith Brinkley Date: 7th & 8th November 2020 Volunteers: Mitsi Club: Sue & Steve Clark, Cath & Bob Stuart, Phil Burton, Peter Macgill & Lynn Phillips and Michael Lake. Visitors: Bill Clarke, environmentalist & 4WDer Wedge island Shackies, &  Richard Cooper,  All Tracks 4WD Club President. Meeting spot was Billy Goat Bay just south of Milligan's Island Campground.  Coorow Shire Council  allow us to camp here on a weekend we are volunteering for the benefit of the Shire. All from Perth arrived Friday night ready for a Saturday 8:30am briefing. Read more

Environment Day – Wungong Regional Park Track Clearing 2020

Date:  25th July 2020 Trip Coordinator:  Brett Anderson Convoy: Phil Burton, Les and Leith Hackett and children, Martijn Franke and Leanne Williams, Stephen Kalynuik, John and Jennifer Clark (Visitors), Tom Van Hall, Nick Flux, Bruce and Judith Brinkley. Objective of the Day: To drive a section of the Regional Park,  check the tracks  for clear access for DFES  and to clear where fallen trees impeded. Met in the Byford carpark of Hungry Jacks and Baked in Byford...(there had to be a bakery somewhere in the vicinity!!!). Great coffee and all the rest. Though B in B  had...
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McBeg Update

Just in from our Past Environment Officer Tony Weldon. Each of you receiving this email, and the second one, helped the Club’s work at Wungong Regional Park (McBEG) behind Byford when we were undertaking the restoration of the gravel pit and adjacent old crop duster’s airstrip. In October this year, the Club went up to Wungong for some more work and had a look at the two areas. Must admit I was stunned and had tears in...
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Environmental Leeman November 2018 Tending the Tracks Alliance

Date:        4th November  2018 Site:          About 500m south of Leeman Green Head Track start. Environmental Day:     Organised by Tending the Tracks Alliance. Mitsubishi Club Members attending:    Bruce & Judith Brinkley A follow up weekend camp to stay at Milligan Island Eco Camping Ground and to work on completing the brushing of the old track blow out at south Leeman. The campsite is recommended. Another section of the coastal track Leeman in the north to Green Head in the south. Read more

Environment Day Wedge-Grey Track October 2018

Date:        27th October  2018 Meeting point:  On Grey Access Road, northern entrance to Wedge Grey Track Environment Day: Working  on dune rehabilitation and bollard installation. Site: Known as Landcruiser Hill,  Wedge-Grey Track,  Turquoise Coast.

Mitsubishi Club Members attended: with other volunteers from Tending the Tracks Alliance.                  Ranger:  Dave with Dandaragan Shire.
Two teams worked this site of...
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Environmental: Introduction to Dune Regeneration July 2018

Date:        14th July 2018 Site:          About 500m south of Leeman Green Head Track start. Environmental Day:     Organised by Tending the Tracks Alliance. Mitsubishi Club Members attending: Paolo Solera & Elisa Michilini Bruce & Judith Brinkley Tim Gilbertson, centre, Coorow Shire Ranger, and a local for many years, briefs us on how a simple innocently created track over a dune, can in time blow out  with the action of wind and waves into a huge growing bare sandy patch.

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Tending the Tracks Initiative

An exciting way for the future. 4WD access though still protecting the areas we travel through. Eight Mitsi members participated throughout  the weekend from Guilderton to Jurien Bay. We learned a lot, gave valid input to the Forum,  and interestingly the coast care people attending also learned that most 4WDers are not careless or destructive....that most are like them ..wanting to keep the land in care for our future generations. Ray Cully's excellent article in  West Australian West Wheels Off Roading ...
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