Conto Campground Australia Day Weekend

Trip Leader:        Murray Baskerville

Co Trip Leader:  Peter Fry

Date:                 26 Jan – 28 Jan 2019

Campers:         Murray & Rachel, Lyn & Peter, Sandy & Paull, Jean & Don, Teresa & Bob,                                 Thomas, Raelene & Neil, Peter C, Glenn, Bruce & Judith.

Over the Australia Day weekend we stayed at Conto Campground  off Caves Road near Margaret River.  A number of us camped in the more open Quenda loop accommodating campers and caravans.  

A couple of us pitched tents in the nearby treed Whistler Loop.

All went for walks to the top of the escarpment to view ( but not to climb down ) the track to the cove.     



The Cape to Cape runs by Conto so we can all say we have walked the Cape to Cape..!

… a few hundred metres  of it. 




On the Saturday we had a communal BBQ. This was the time we dressed up in our Australia Day themed costumes.   Hmmm now how does one describe Don’s.  You had to be there..!






        Tom and Paull also very colourful.



Sunday Glenn ran a trip south along the coastline tracks to look at some of the beaches. 

Then moved inland and drove  some of the bush tracks to head towards Chapman Pool (Glenn needed a bath) but by the time we were due to cross the bitumen the swim option was flipped in favour of heading south for our fish and chips lunch at Augusta.

From there we headed to Hamelin Bay to see the stingrays. But firstly it was icecream time. There were about eight large stingrays that had come in close to shore to be fed. They freely moved among the legs of the people standing in the water watching them.



Home next. No happy hour or circled chairs this night.  Too cold.  Too tired.

All in all we had a great time.


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