Trip 95 – Warriedar Station

Trip Leaders: Bruce & Judith Brinkley

WARRIEDAR HOMESTEAD. Friday. 29th May 2015

Just a ‘few’ less than last year to meet.
2 yrs ago the wind chill factor was icy.
Last year …rain, then green grass..and the biting midges attacked.
This year sunshine, blue skies, chilly at night, no midges…just a few flies.. Wonderful.

Glenn, Guy and Brinkley’s, after collecting Weldons waiting at Wubin in their new van, arrived at Warriedar Homestead to find the AFLA …Amalgated Fossickers and Leaseholders Assoc., though low in camping numbers, taking up the whole area… From Homestead to Shearer’s quarters and tucked through the adjacent bush. Amalgamated…. but not United

We found a large area further in and were happy.

Peter C next to arrive before dark then Harrisons with their son, and later Morrisons, all arrived after dark.

We’d had a kangaroo waiting to greet us at the turnoff earlier in the day . He came out to ‘kiss’ the Morrisons on their drive in. Dave…not happy! But later inspection showed no damage. Kangaroo.?….Sue didn’t want to go there.

Slow start Saturday. We were all trying to decide how energetic we felt. Glenn’s intention of a sleep and vege afternoon disappeared when the words “abandoned mine” were uttered.

Harvey’s carload arrived so while they and Peter opted to remain at the camp site, the others went to Reids Ridge mine.

Abandoned in 2003, hearsay has it there was a large workers comp type claim against them.. Except they had no insurance they left. Simply took clothes, and the workers, and walked away leaving all equipment intact onsite eg trucks and 4WD’s, 2way radios charging on solar chargers, meal preparation left in kitchen, dongers intact….people and belongings gone.

12 yrs later on, one would expect some form of cleanup should/could be done especially with the drums of sodium cyanide left in the chemical store.
Full? Empty? Dangerous? Not? How long do 44gal metal drums last?

We returned to camp via an interesting ‘miniature city’ rock formation and then Kings Well. Warriedar Hill remains too energetic a climb still. Maybe next year? Said that last year.

Sunday another slow start and we headed via a stop off to view the expanses of Mongers Lake, then to Fields Find cemetery and the associated closed mine.

Two items of note
We learned from Stella and Peter that a cemetery was always a set distance from a township. i.e.the length of the walk for a funeral procession (though further if death was from disease).

So one should expect to find evidence of habitation within that radius from an abandoned graveyard in some of these areas that once boasted a town.

Since our visit two years ago, the mine site has had a clean up with machinery and debris removed…..though derelict shafts are still there for the interested.

With Warriedar being too far to preTrip, any routes planned on maps have to be ‘fluid’ in concept as the track to the eastern slope of Pinyalling Hill proved. It was there. Bruce, Peter and Glenn walked part of it ….but it needs to be negotiated with time to explore at a later date. Returning along the same road, Glenn suggested investigating Pingalling Well marked on the map.. This was another instance of chancing on real bush interest….an example of early construction for watering/ holding sheep yards. They were sort of still intact. A prop up here and there and you could contain stock. The wood was basically still strong after all this time. A mud ramp paved in crazy rock pattern caused speculation…. It’s aimed the wrong way for loading sheep.
Designed by an Irishman? Or for self mustering sheep. They run up the ramp, jump in and can’t get back up?.

Next we stopped off for a wander on the causeway, emu footprints, mud, salt, small birds… and seagulls???? We headed back for a late lunch. Options were given for an afternoon jaunt but we all chose to rest our minds readying ourselves for Stella’s pre-Foundation Day campfire quiz.

The Snow Peak Firepit was lit and steaks sizzled. Those vacillating between buying the medium or large pit were convinced the large is the way to go. Short Order cook Guy taught Glenn a better way to cook chicken mignon by wrapping in alfoil first, turn frequently, remove alfoil and crisp the bacon surround. Stella’s potatoes became lost in the big fire’s coals.

Monday most left about 10am returning via Wongan Hills route. On the way up the Harrisons had been held up for 45 minutes waiting for the go ahead at the road works on the main highway.

The Brinkleys impressed everyone by being ready by their designated leaving time. The Brinkleys were impressed by the Morrisons not being ready. Finally someone slower than them..!

And last item of note, Sue Morrison read on Facebook that if you hang coins in a plastic bag on your annex in the sun, flies don’t enter your open tent area. Hmmm…and since we had flies in ours and she didn’t ..we did the same and so did Trish. And it worked.!

Or maybe the wind blew them out, or maybe it turned cold, or maybe they didn’t like our smell anymore..who would know BUT… I’ll do it again in a fly area….just to see if it’s true.

Bruce is designing ‘water bag and coin’ earrings for next year.


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