Date:  22nd February 2020 – 6 nights

Trip Leaders:  Bob and Bridget Mcpherson ,

Convoy:             Peter Cole, Peter Macgill and Lyn , Muzz and Rachel Baskerville,
Peter Mann, Tom Van Hall

As a background to this trip …. we were supposed to be doing a trip to a different area called ‘Balladonia to Baxter Memorial via Bilbunya Dunes’.   We have postponed the trip to October – this is our third postponement due to road closures – floods or fire!   This time those tracks were actually opened again only a week before we left for D’Entrecasteaux, however decisions had been made, areas would be burnt out and being in remote areas the thought of flare-ups was not good.     So D’Entrecasteaux it was as 6 vehicles still wanted to go camping.

Day 1 – Met up at Byford for a 9am departure, everyone was early, a theme that continued throughout the trip, earlybirds!  We had been intending to camp at Barrabup Pool or Workers Pool near Nannup for the first night but both were  full, or at least no room for 6 more camping – we went with plan B and carried onto Black Point in D’Entrecasteaux.       

Day 2 –  As we’d had no time to look around when we arrived at Black Point the evening before, decided to stay for 2nd night.   

Most of the morning was taken up with a long walk across rocks onto beach.    Peter M’s new crocs let him down and his leg showed war wounds for the rest of the trip from falling against those damn rocks.   

We got back about lunchtime – “oh but we haven’t had mornos “ – not sure what time we had lunch, probably followed closely by happy hour.    There was only one other group of campers when we arrived the night before, they left today and we had the place to ourselves.    No fires of course so Bob produced his new wiz bang fire!

Day 3 – Left Black Point via Woodarburrup track and called into Lake Jasper, no one swam but water looked perfect.   A lot of tracks around Lake Jasper have changed from the maps or closed off, keeping out the riff-raff I guess.

Camped at Lake Yeagarup this night, no one else there.
Set up our “camp fire” and happy hour in the middle of the road.

                                                           Day 4 – Most of us had been down to Yeagarup beach before, so decided we would only go so far up Yeagarup dunes, some fun times getting up the first dune out of Yeagarup, certainly don’t remember them being that soft before.   


There was another group behind us of 8 vehicles, we had to wait until they were all up before we could descend.    We had to call in and see The Shack at the top Calcup Hill, thought wouldn’t still be there but actually been done up with a new bbq area.   We met the owners and had tea with them several years ago and they were fighting to keep it at that time, I wonder if their son has now taken it over?    It’s well hidden, need to know its there, but if anyone is in the area and needs directions, let us know.  

On to Northcliffe fuel and late lunch, not much left in bakery, so promised we’d be back tomorrow for mornos.  


Then to Gardner River mouth to camp, very soft track in some parts.  Walked down to beach – gale force winds!!   




Day 5 – We walked up through restricted area behind the camp site, new wooden houses, you couldn’t call them shacks, which were being constructed last time we visited 2 years ago, still wondering who they belong to???  Track up to them protected by numerous huge locks. 

Back into Northcliffe for mornos, and pleased bakery was well stocked.  

Took the track out to Fish Creek and to Fish Creek Hut, hasn’t changed much, perhaps a bit tidier than last time we visited.  

So happy all these huts are still there to “find” in the middle of nowhere.    Realised  we weren’t  going to get 6 vehicles camping around the hut,  so back to Moores hut to camp.  A bit of drizzle, not much but enough to send Muzz and Rachel under cover of the hut in their swag – nothing to do with the snake that had passed through their “outside” camp with lightning speed.   Bob’s “fire” was beginning to fail, not enough battery charge!!!

 Day 6 –  Back out on Chesapeake road.   Looked at Broke Inland settlement, and again no one there.   Down Mandalay Beach Rd, had a look at Mandalay Beach, then on to Banksia Camp – great fairly new wooden building, four bedrooms with a lower bunk double bed and upper single bed, large camp kitchen – can’t book but anyone can use them.   Good to see it was so neat and tidy.   Track in there is fairly sandy, boggy, would imagine it could get quite bad after heavy rains.

Nooo Peter…for march flies..not roos  !

Up the bitumen to Quinninup, stayed at Caravan Park, hot showers, loads of kangaroos (and their droppings) and march flies to drive you crazy.   New Quinninup tavern not long open after old one burnt down, was a bit “sterile” for a country pub though, not much atmosphere!   Enjoyed an evening meal and draught beer.   Heavy rains that night, so we packed up wet, everyone left at different times.


Good trip, good company, thanks to all for coming along with us.

Trip Report : Bridget

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