Dwellingup and Surrounds

Trip Leader: John Mackay

When:  December 12th 2004

Location: Dwellingup WA

Participants:  7 Vehicles
                      Trip Notes – The Kitsons     
                      Tail-end Charlie – The Ryans

Our meeting place was the CALM office at Dwellingup.
John K spoke of remembering the importance of the day before we set off. A convoy of seven vehicles left with John K as our leader.  The weather was perfect and so off we went. We followed Nanga River Road spotting campers and plenty of bush walkers – a very popular spot. After a distance our team leader realised we may be going the wrong way.  After a discussion and retracing our way we were back on the move.  There was some radio talk on the way we were meant to be going and who was navigating. After a comfort stop and a short bush walk with kids in tow led by John K, we set off once more.
At a three way junction we took the centre track, finally on course, passing Charlies Flat picnic area seeing fishermen enjoying the river. A few minor remarks from Tailend Charlie and others (mainly guys) about navigation.  We passed small groups of campers along the river, terrain very hilly and covered in dense bush.  Still boys doing a bit of chitchat, we yet again missed our turn and had to retrace our steps.  Caitlyn asked “Why are we getting lost John ?”  He replied “I think you need to see more of the bush!”
The next section was uphill and rutted, still very dense bush and a tight twisting track.  Comments regarding Nissans and turning circles flew back and forth. Us novice ‘Pajero drivers’ had no problems (!) and were quite enjoying negotiating tight bits and weaving through the trees, rocky patches and steep gullys.
At a leisurely lunch alongside a water crossing, Bob/Bridget and the King crew cooked snags whilst others had prepared lunches. During this break a group of SES turned up – we were to see them a few more times at other stops. Now we headed for Logue Brook Dam.
We continued on our way over a wide dusty gravel track, seeing lots of ‘firewood’ on the side. Before the dam we turned off to look at Hoffmans Mill camping area – a lovely spot. During this break John (Macca) put out an unattended campfire, perhaps preventing a serious fire.
Our final stop was at Logue Brook Dam which had a very low water level. After some partaking of ice cream we all said our final farewell and headed back home. A good day out!

Sue & John P.

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