Goodchilds 2018

Once again our club had the privilege of exclusive access to Goodchild Enterprises at Jandakot  for data gathering, vehicle checks and crazy prices on new equipment. We were also fortunate to able to use the company training room for an Oziexplorer training session prior to the arrival after midday of the rest of our crowd.


30 members attended the afternoon which started with a presentation of the latest professional range of Wynns products , with particular emphasis on diesel engines. Q&A:  lively with clear benefit to have such an informed source as Rod to give correct guidance on how to combine products to gain maximum vehicle performance.

Plans were to allow those wishing to order Wynns to go to the next room while other discussions continued in the training room.  Roger Goodchilds and Club organiser Peter C found themselves only ones left in the room.  It shows that an expert, informative presentation is definitely a benefit to all.

Next : Upcoming new batteries including in-depth lead crystal technology and how 4WD’s could be in for significant benefits over technologies currently available. Q&A: Again lively. Comparisons between AGM and Lithium types batteries and how the new lead crystal was expected to compare particularly on performance and weight factors.

Following Wynns and Battery presentations: General Q&A

One topic discussed in depth was a on a recent club trip when a vehicle starter battery appeared to have failed, and if/how we could have checked the starting battery load capacity without a dedicated load testing device.

Quite a few members, at least those who carry a multi-meter in their toolbox, learned a very useful tip on how to do an indication check on a failing battery.

Next : Move into retail area to check out and ask about the latest gear available…battery chargers, solar panels, uhf’s. While this was going on members also availed themselves of Roger’s services to have their vehicle batteries checked for the upcoming touring season. Several new batteries installed, ensuring there would be no repeat of the ‘on trip’ failed battery episode discussed earlier.!

Roger and Rex Goodchild generously provided a door prize and another prize to be drawn from the day’s purchase receipts. Lucky door prize winner was member John Byworth winning an Oricom set of handheld UHF radios, (Lyn and John will now be able to co-ordinate their caravan reversing) the other prize winner was member Gary Arcus who is about to lead a trip to Helena Aurora. He won a Slime Smart Spare Emergency Flat Tyre Repair Kit. (Omen? or preparedness)   Commiserations go to Muzz Baskerville for not winning a single prize this year. So sad really. Stopped his run of wins.

Many thanks to all those members who were able to attend, and special thanks to Roger, Rex, Rod and Riley for giving up their weekend time to provide a greatly appreciated and informative afternoon which was of great benefit to us all.

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