Goodchilds Enterprises Sponsor Event

Trip Leader: Murray Baskerville

Date: 23rd march 2019 from Midday.

Venue:   Pusey Road,  Cockburn Central.

A group of seventeen attended the Open Day to gain from the knowledge to be shared   from Roger Goodchild and his team.

Topics ranged from Maintaining starter and auxiliary batteries and how to get maximum charge and longer life out of them.

Exactly how battery chargers work

Correct use of dual battery systems for different battery types.

The Wynn’s range of products and their uses.

Also about Solar panels and regulators.

On the day there were two lucky door prizes,  Projector Battery Testers… very handy to use before a long trip,  or even just a day trip.


A very pleased Neil and John seen here with Roger Goodchilds

For those who didn’t go along,  remember they have very good deals and are very happy to test batteries if you are unsure your battery will last a planned long  trip.

They have been our sponsors for a number of years now and well worth a visit.. and not just for batteries. A wander through the shelves is eye opening.  Solar, UHF radios, Electronic testers of all sorts. plus more.



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