Harvey “Between the Dams” Trip

Trip Leader: Paul Ryan

When: 28th April 2012

Location: Harvey WA 6220

Participants:Troy Shortland, John Stampalija, Craig Perry, Neil Hewer, Piers Marmoy (with passengers, Joe, Jess and Ben), Michael Gilbert, Rick Lazar, Malcolm And Trish Harrison, Daniel (Billy) Hearn and Richard King – Tail End Charlie

Meet up at Pinjarra Bakery for 8:30. How nice to have a meeting point south of the river, means a little bit of a lie in which was obviously too long as we were last to arrive, hence I am doing trip notes! This will be interesting, a girl taking notes of a very “male” day. I am pleased that at least Piers’ daughter, Jess, has come along and I will have a bit of female company.

After our pre trip debrief from Leader, and sorting out who really had the ‘defib’ (yet again that confusion between Michael and Malcolm) we were heading south to Harvey with conversation on air ranging from morno’s, lamington recipes, to the sacrifices the boys had made to come on this trip.

I just hope Craig’s wife made a big sacrifice and spent the day shopping (it was their 11th wedding anniversary). However, it wasn’t long before things like exhaust gas temperatures was the topic and all sorts of comparisons and reasons for why and why not ensued.

First few tracks no problems. Just follow my leader stuff.

Did find it ‘takes the edge off’ the angle of the slope if viewed through the iPad camera lens.

Not long until a wrong turn was made, and a bit of confusion followed and some of us turned around too soon. The usual phaffing around until the mob managed to regroup and then descend a nice low range gradient. Halfway down the convoy was stopped, whilst the Devil’s canyon was checked out!

Hmmm, I thought surely the boys are just fantasizing, but no, after much deliberation, Troy showed off his vehicle’s capabilities and then took our fearless leader through an even more difficult spot. Rick shortly after chose a slightly different line and after lots of horrible noises proceeded to hang a rear wheel over the edge of Devils Canyon. The vehicle wasn’t impressed, and could go no further without help, but it meant the boys could get out a winch to “do the stuff”. Troy did a professional job of supervising, and in no time the “1whodares” was out of a tricky spot.

Others followed, but no major dramas although Piers found out the value of diff locks.

Convoy line progressing through some lovely bush, unfortunately, some of the fun tracks have been bulldozed and are not as much FUN anymore.

On in to the dam area where a little bit of mud was found to play in. First to get stuck was Stamps, so Rick returned the favour and got his winch out again to pull him out. No sooner had he put it away (the winch!) than Richard got stuck.

Eventually the boys settled and we had lunch.

After several false tracks we found our way out and further on I spied the real dam, I guess the lunch spot was just a puddle! Nice long bumpy, rocky climb back out again. No dramas for any one, cars and boys happy 🙂 a couple of corners not marked, I wonder who did that (piston broke?) But no one left behind.

I keep hearing talk of heading to the Rock Garden, boggy hill and Terry’s Tunnel/hill climb.

Oh oh, I wonder if this going to register on my fear gauge (scream factor!). Turns out we headed to Stamps’ hill climb, and climb we did. Very interesting to watch the intense concentration on the drivers’ faces. No mishaps and on to the next one.

Now I really thought that one was for fantasies, but Paul was up and over in no time. The rest of us were more cautious and took more time checking out The Lines.

A comment was made that you tell the size of a man based on how many diff locks he has, Piers gladly claiming he had none and was Billy was content with his quota. This was the track that Piers had got everyone rather excited over on the last trip here and there was much debate as to whether 2 or 3 wheels had left terra firma. Anyway, everyone up and over, even Piers managed to keep all of feet on the ground although his momentum left the track in a slightly more challenging state for those behind him.

A few more hills were climbed and time was getting on, however, the final challenge presented itself and sure enough Billy traversed the rather large rock step and promptly threw down the gauntlet to Craig who naturally took the bait and up he went with lots of encouragement/instruction and line pointing out. At one point several bodies were pushing against Craig’s awning (to protect a nearby tree ! ) then he was through. Boys being boys the challenge was put to Paul to bring his 100 series up, and it was irresistible. The 100 series proved it was hardly a challenge, however, from a woman’s point of view a better line had been picked out for him (and he didn’t have an awning). Troy’s little man on the shoulder had spoken and told him “NO”, so that was it, we pushed off for the day, via one final rocky obstacle!

What can I say, thought we were done for the day. Here I am an hour later, and the biggest challenge is ahead. The ‘one who dares’ is in a pickle… again!

Most of us have got past him by coming down a cleared hillside and there are lots of able bodies about. Hard for me to judge, but it looks Real Stuck! The 4:00pm trail eh? I think I had better say no more – let one of the others write this bit up.

Craig stepped in as recovery captain and promptly charged Billy and Paul with vehicle supporting duties both of their cars were sent up a side track to secure the Dare Wagon. Paul’s winch to the rear and Billy’s to the front, Troy was behind in the short with his winch supposed to be pulling the Dare Wagon backwards. The Dare Wagon trumps Troy’s shorty when it comes to hitting the scales so all Troy was able to do was pull himself closer to Ricks car.

Enter the Disco. Piers became the anchor man for the evening… “although it was Trish’s on the spot reporting that allows us to share the love of this event”. So with all 4 cars doing their all to extract the Dare Wagon ,success was finally achieved around 7:00pm, quick air up of the tyres and a few discussion revolving around the quickest way out ensued.
I had heard a few comments earlier at how much fun the last night run had been, but I don’t reckon any one bargained for this. A day and night run combined!

It was 7:30 by the time we hit the SE Highway, via a very scenic route (the quickest way is not always the easiest way) guided (?) by Craig. But the fun wasn’t over yet, on getting to the tarmac, someone spotted something sticking out from Ric’s left side and had to stop to check it out. Ten minutes later Daniel called saying he had a clicking coming from the front and would have to pull over, shortly followed by a similar noise from Paul. They pulled over in Yarloop to investigate whilst the rest of us continued only to hear over the airwaves Troy say that his Shorty had gone into limp home mode! A quick stop and restart fortunately cleared it and we can only presume that everyone eventually managed to get home in one piece.

I wonder who will come on another trip run by Paul?

At least I enjoyed the day – why don’t more ladies come?

Trish Harrison (and a few small edits by Paul Ryan)

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