HARVEY JAUNT An Apprentice Locked and Lifted Tour

Trip Leader : Paul Ryan

Co Trip Leader : Marie Murphy

Date : 13th October 2018

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Convoy: Ivan Cifuentes, Rachel Theunissen, Matt Ryan, Joe Metcalf, Rick Lazar, Paolo Solera, Kim Nguyen, Mark and Vicky Buntine, Pam Abbott and friend.

Visitors – Mick and Brodie Jolly,  Glen Cleaver, Nick and Mylene Marsden,  Phil Burton his daughter and two of her friends, Shachar Marom and his son.

Trip Rationale:  Apprentice locked and lifted tour.  Trip Grading will be 3 to 5 weather dependent and choice of obstacle. This trip is designed to test your driver and vehicle skills and allows you to venture out of your comfort zone if you feel inclined. No one will be forced to do anything they don’t want to do but you will be encouraged to have a go. Plenty of alternative tracks available at most obstacles. It’s recommended that you at least have All-Terrains and a lift kit but not imperative. However I will tell you: know that if you turn up with either bald highway tyres, doilies and tea pots or white sandshoes I will leave you in the car park. 

Trip Report:

It was POURING with rain when we arrived at the Pinjarra Bakery – our starting point – That just gave us a good excuse to take our time and consume warm savory items and delicious coffee while we waited for the rain to stop. 

When the rain eased off we headed off. It was about a 15 minutes drive to get to where we were headed into the bush tracks.

To kick things off we had a steep hill climb… and 17 vehicles! We all made it up, some with a little more encouragement than others. We had to get into the right mental attitude as the rain had made it interesting.

Some of the tougher sections had chicken tracks to use for those who didn’t need, or want,  to pit their cars.

Visitor Brodie tackled everything in front of him. Fallen tree trunks were obstructions in one section to be negotiated. Sometimes he and his patrol won. Sometimes the track won and winches and recovery were called upon. All part of the fun. 

Of course if we go up… we must go down.

When trip leader Paul was seen to start to sliding sidewards in the mud near the bottom of this hill, the whole convoy opted for a 23 point U-turn and returned back up to the top and on to the ‘other’ track.

We may have bypassed that muddy section, but Paul’s route immediately encountered another on the forestry road. While Brodie was determinedly getting himself both in and out of one section of mud, Paul’s son and his teenage friends got themselves nicely stuck in a large muddy section. One could say they were glued in there, but with lots of help and advice they managed to get out!

Helps to have such an experienced member leading and guiding the convoy. More importantly explaining the how and why so the various drivers who were either tentative or stuck were guided through. Where would we be without hand-held radios!!

Then it was lunchtime and our stop spot was Harvey Dam. A tasty lunch, a play with the drone, some good banter and off again to find the ‘boulder strewn’ section of the day. 

Guidance again to drivers showing how to take the right line to drive the well worn route. Don’t want to leave the under carriage behind by straddling a rock instead of driving up and onto it.

With many of our members being novices to this type of driving, it shows the advantage of being in a Club. We can head off on a car WA trip or round Australia, and have all the training and experience gained in the Club to give us the confidence to go off the bitumen on our own. One never knows when a good formed road can be washed out and the only way out is forward.

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