Convoy Procedures

At the start of the trip, the Trip Leader will nominate the convoy position of each vehicle and nominate a “Tail End Charlie” (TEC) and, if necessary, a Communications Relay Vehicle (CRV) and introduce them to all participants.

UHF channel for the convoy will be Ch25. The Trip Leader will advise of an alternative channel if necessary. The CRV is responsible for ensuring two way communication is maintained between the Trip Leader and TEC.

All vehicles shall travel in convoy with low beam headlights on at all times.

All vehicles should stay in the nominated convoy order unless directed to change by the Trip Leader. If you wish to change your convoy position during the trip, only do so by agreement of the Trip Leader.

Maintain a safe stopping distance from the vehicle in front of you. Make the necessary adjustments to this distance as the weather and track conditions change.

When turning or deviating from the current track it is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle behind you makes the correct course change. Indicate the course change using your vehicle indicators, the following vehicle will respond with the same indicator signal allowing the first vehicle to continue on. i.e. mark the corner

Allow the vehicle in front of you to complete and drive clear of any obstacles, (such as water crossings, mud holes, sand hills) before you proceed. Confirm it is safe to proceed by UHF if the vehicle moves beyond your view while negotiating the obstacle.

After you have cleared an obstacle do not hurry to catch up with the vehicle in front. Proceed at normal convoy speed and avoid the “caterpillar effect” of vehicles bunching up and having to slow
down or stop.

In the event of an emergency, or a problem with your vehicle, pull over to one side and advise Trip Leader by UHF radio. If there is no radio contact flash your headlights to attract the attention of the vehicle in front of you, or flag down the following vehicle.

UHF transmissions are encouraged, but please keep transmissions brief and allow 5 seconds between each transmission. This will enable the Trip Leader, CRV and TEC to use the UHF for directions and advice.

In the event of a declared emergency or other problem, allow the vehicles experiencing the problem and those directly assisting the priority use of the radio channel.

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