Mandatory Recovery Gear

Members vehicles must be roadworthy W.A. licensed and minimum Third Party Property insured, with the following MANDATORY equipment fitted and carried on ALL club trips.

Mandatory Equipment

Adequate approved recovery points to the front and rear of the vehicle. (if possible)

Two rated shackles, with a minimum of 3.25t SWL (safe working load) capacity.

Snatch strap & dampener or similar to prevent recoil

First-aid kit

Fire extinguisher – easily accessible, check condition & expiry date regularly.

Tyre pump & pressure gauge

Long handle shovel

U.H.F. Radio (in car 5 watt)

Spare fuses

Jack plate – 300x300x25mm plywood or 300x300x50mm timber

Recommended Equipment

Hi – lift jack (if suitable for vehicle) or bull bag (air – jack)

De-watering spray

Spare key & immobiliser control

Spare drive belts ( `V’ belts )

Spare radiator hoses and other appropriate hoses for the vehicle

Tarpaulin – for bonnet blind (inc ropes)


Jumper leads

Axe or log saw


Roll of 3mm electric wire

Insulation tape, gaffa tape, etc etc

Note paper & pencil

waterproof matches



Tow rope or chain and shackles


Tyre repair kit

Tie wire

Spare injector (diesel)

Spark plug (petrol)

Coil (if appropriate)

Points (if appropriate)

Fuel filter

Light globes

Distributor cap & leads (if appropriate)

Front wheel bearings

Gasket goo


Brake fluid

More items may be added to this list as may be deemed necessary,

e.g .for extended trips or into remote areas.

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