Ladies Day Run Mt Observation

Trip Leader: Nicola

When: 16th March 2008

Location:  Mt Observation


On the 16th of March we went for the ladies day and meet at Gull petrol station at Brookton Highway/Canning Road Karragullen.  There was a total of 5 cars, Paul and Carol, Patricia O’Dowd(Pat), Guy and Wendy, Nicola and friend, Diana and family.  Pat arrived at the service station with a grand entrance in a stunning red dress, nails painted, earrings and necklace to match.  (Not keen about losing the beard and moustache though or shaving the legs).  Patricia loved her best assets her breasts she enjoyed feeling and stroking them she also encouraged Guy to have a feel but he declined but as Paul had a closer look, his head was forcefully pushed in his cleavage.  (What a sight to see).
We left the petrol station approximately at 9.35 am.  The weather was perfect everyone was keen to leave.  We sent off in convoy with Nicola in front and Diana as tail end Charlie. 
We sent off along Brookton Highway northwards.  The conversation was on all women based as Patricia found his new existence like nails, hair and other female dilemmas that he may encounter as being a woman.
We had some minor problems with the GPS’s but after a couple of glitches we sent off on the right trek.  The road it self was quite easy but for me I found it challenging as I am very new at driving and get very nervous when I see off-road. 
We stopped for morning tea about 10.30-11.00 we talked and Patricia still enjoying her womanhood was still playing with her breasts.  Nicola showed us some information she got from DEC about the land surrounding Wandoo which was very informative.
We sent off towards Mt Observation, Nicola as car in front stopped several times to help nature out by removing some rather large spider webs.  Diana also mentions that she would like to run another Ladies Day with a theme in mind, which could be interesting (ALL MEMBERS BE WARNED).
We arrived at Mt Observation at about 1.00pm and sat down had some lunch and a nice conversation.  Nicola gave us some more information regarding trips in and around the Perth area which was given to her by DEC. 
Conversations then lead to another trip to the Powerlines which 4 of the 5 cars attended.  Paul lead the trek to the Powerlines but he needed two females to rescue him (Hey thanks Diana and Patricia -maybe teach him how to drive).
We drove on some really rocky terrain and in some parts got to the point were I walked most of the Powerlines.  I would rather take photos or use the video camera than stay in the car.
We finally finished the powerline trek about 5.00pm and went to Sawyers Valley Petrol station to fill up with air and cool down with a nice icecream.
Thank you so much Nicola what a great day.
Carol Reddings

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