Lancelin Dunes and Tracks

Trip Leader: Pat O’Dowd

When: 10th April, 2011

Location: Lancelin  W. A. 6044

A glorious blue day was the perfect backdrop to what would prove to be a fun day on the dunes and tracks.

Getting out of our vehicles to let the tyres down we were greeted with a rather strong easterly wind that whipped the sand up in our faces and made dropping the pressures a rather uncomfortable task.

After exploring the open dunes for a while we descended a dune on the eastern side of the area and followed a track that wasn’t helping to return us to our playground. After a short journey we turned around and headed back. The hill we had travelled down wasn’t suitable to climb but a little further down the track we were able to re-enter the dunes.

During this time our trip leader managed to get bogged by turning his vehicle after scouting a way to freedom! We all eagerly grabbed our shovels, Maxtrax and cameras! Pat was obviously a little overwhelmed at all the support he was receiving because he was only able to stand on top of his Landcruiser watching in amazement (and pose for photos)!

30 minutes later our intrepid leader had managed to lodge his vehicle at the bottom of a gully after attempting a rather tricky hill. This required a winch out by Rick.

After a late lunch on the grass park beside the beach some chose to depart. About 5 vehicles remained and returned to the dunes.

We found a dune that was suitable to climb and proceeded to take turns. Here we learned the benefit of Maxtrax and a shovel! 
Oh, and how the rear bumper of a Pajero can be used to scoop sand… to its detriment!

Around 5.30pm we headed home to remove one or two dunes of sand from the insides of our 4wds.

Paul Johnson

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