Lane Poole Reserve Day Trip

Trip Leader:       Brett Anderson

Co Trip Leader: Murray Hudson

When: 20th July 2014

Location: Lane Poole Reserve


This was my first trip as a leader and thanks to everybody for making my task very easy and I wish to thank Murray for his help with this trip.

I don`t have any photos of this trip… a small technical problem… I forgot to use the camera.

We all met at the Dwellingup information centre and after watching the Hotham Valley steam engine shunting,  we dragged everyone away to do our prestart and formed up into our convoy position.
I started to go from car to car to check if everybody’s radios were working only to find my navigator had already done this before I got to the second car,  so we headed off to Nanga Town site.

We turned onto the gravel road and stopped to air down .
We then traveled through the bush with no difficult obstacles to reach our morno’s site. This now had a much larger puddle than the pre trip the week before (might have had something to do with 16 mm of rain overnight)  so we were able to provide ‘water views’ for the members.  

We headed back onto the track where we had a couple of obstacles to engage… the first being a large deep puddle which was now deeper than at pretrip… so we took the chicken track to the left!

I don`t remember this much water being on the bypass track either and  Murray added that he didn’t remember any tree roots in this sidetrack!

I got out to help guide people through this bit of bog and asked the wife /navigator to move the ute forward a little.
“Yes Dear. You are right!  I did need to walk… a whole 100 metres further in the mud…!

The second obstacle was a large, deep  puddle which proved to be no challenge for the convoy .

Then came the real challenge.  We had no option but to drive over a largish fallen tree. 

With a little road building, we crossed with no troubles and made our way to the spot we had planned for lunch… only to find some other people had the same idea.
So we parked all around them and had our lunch too. 

Stayed here for about an hour then made our way back to Lane Poole to sit and watch the river rapids for a while… before everyone packed up and headed home.

Brett Anderson

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