Ledge to Guilderton

Trip Leader: Rick Lazar

When: 30th March 2014

Location: Ledge Island to Guilderton

Participants: 11 vehicles

Wow ..trip notes …or saga?

11 vehicles 8 of them Mitsubishis… that’s novel to begin with.

This particular area had not traversed by our club before…will it be again?

Hmmmm… ?

A day of records ….?

At Meet up minus a few kilometres… first casualty ..one vehicle didn’t make it to the start. I trust the
progressive photos of the electrical disembowelling makes it to these notes. Only for them to discover the fault lay with the “professional” work done on the vehicle in the week previous.

Lucky it happened before getting stuck on the beach.

At Meet up plus 200m…lead car couldn’t get into 4WD

At Meet up plus 300m loud rattling heard and “bits were banging around underneath”. Discovered centre bash plate bolts had not been replaced during work on car.

To progress only 500m took one and a half hours….? Got to be a record.

Then fourth hitch..

Although pretripped only a week previously, this trip was a demonstration much can change in a
week… Tide times of course are always checked but does everyone know to check tide heights

Trip leader Rick also bogged.. with gentle waves….. washing his wheels???

After about 45 mins of bogged entertainment…the others hopefully took advantage of being at the beach… left them to it… and enjoyed themselves.

Only way to rescue Rick was for Richard King to circle through dunes, get to the harder sand Rick
was aiming for, attach 2 x snatch straps and as easy as that..success.

There is a video showing perfect manoeuvre by Richard..again trust it makes it to these notes.
 Another example of the advantages of members’ experience… and willingness to assist.

Planned lunch was only 2 hours late.

Because the pretripped route was now not deemed safe an alternate route was sought.

But, with alternate tracks stopped by gates , dunes, bush, on the whole it made for a very interesting, unexpected, and different trip.

The group finally achieved the Guilderton lighthouse and turned for home.
Great photos, lots of laughter but also maybe lessons learned.. without lasting damage to anyone’s car.

Score :     Cars 11  10  9 ?          Beach 0   …. or maybe  1/2  plus some bash plate bits.

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