Leeman & Surrounds

Trip Leader: Jason McCarthy

When: 4th – 7th March 2011

Location: Leeman and Surrounds

Participants:   McCarthys, Archers, Lehmanns, Kingstons, McPhersons, Freegards (with friends    Roger and & Judy), Vasiles, Parker, Bignell, Stampalija & Murty, and the Harrisons.

The idea of running a trip to Leeman came about when a book fell off the shelf in the study, and hit Jane on the head. The book just happened to open up to the Leeman Caravan Park.

Leeman Friday 4th March 2011

This trip was attended by:

The main group consisting of Jason & Jane, Martin & Karen, Keith, Glenn, Sam & Pasc and Malcolm & Trish met at the 10th Light Horse Trail on Wanneroo Road for a 8.45am departure. The trip took us along Wanneroo Road, and the newly opened Indian Ocean Drive, stopping at the popular Lancelin bakery for mornos. We then continued our journey, and arrived at the Leeman caravan Park around 1.30pm. The grassed area that we were allocated was nestled directly behind the camp kitchen and communal area. The space was a bit tight, but eventually, we all found a space.

The area was lovely surrounded by heaps of trees and shade. The afternoon was rather hot and after setting up, an early happy hour was called. A couple of us headed down to the local jetty to try and cool off in the water. After wondering why there were so many dead fish on the beach, a local Cray fisherman came running from the boat jetty to warn us about the abnormally warm water temperature. That, combined with the spawning coral, was the reason so many dead fish were scattered along the coast.

On return to the caravan park, others were relaxing in the shade and were welcoming the remainder of the group who slowly filtered in throughout the afternoon and evening. Bob and Bridget attracted some attention from the group upon arrival, with a very unusual looking jockey wheel.

We all had dinner together in the communal cooking area, and enjoyed the remainder of the balmy evening.

Jane McCarthy
Day 2: Saturday 5th March 2011

We all lined up at 9.30am and headed a short distance south on the Jurien Road to an alternative track along the powerline to Snake Gully Cave.
After a while we found that we weren’t following the powerline any more and that the track hadn’t been used a lot of late.
Jason and Jane were telling stories of all the wildlife (emus and kangaroos) they were seeing, but we didn’t see any back in the convoy where we were. Fortunately Jane had a baby kangaroo pose for a photo so she could prove that they had seen the animals.
The map we had wasn’t very clear on where to go. We meandered along the track having a chat and telling a few bad jokes, and arrived at the cave after an hour or so. Generally there are some bees buzzing at the end of the cave, but they were all sleeping this time, so we didn’t have to dodge them to get in and out of the cave.
We had a late mornos break, then headed away from the cave to the Eneabba Road down to Lake Indoon. We were amazed when we arrived to find the lake was dry. This was the first time any of us had not seen any water in it.
We had a very pleasant break there under the shelter for lunch.
The next destination was the beach. We went back out along the Eneabba Road towards the coast and then north on the Jurien Road for a few kilometres. Glenn took us to a bay that he was familiar with for a swim.
The wind was blowing a bit when we got there and most of us were hesitant to go for a swim, thinking is would be cold. Glenn and Jane went in straight away, then a few more of us after a little while and found that the water was warm, very warm. It was like being in a Bali swimming pool. I had never felt the ocean water like that before.
We noticed that there were quite a few dead fish along the coastline there, and the water was a funny colour. We were all trying to work out what would have caused the fish to die.
From there about five cars went with Glenn up into the sand dunes for a play and the rest of us headed back to camp.
Thanks Jason and Jane for a relaxing day out.
Wendy and Guy

Day 3: Sunday 6th March 2011

We set off in the morning to discover some bays in the local area. The mornings track wound through dunes along the coast. This was fairly easy going with a few sharp rocks along the way. We encountered a few interesting corners and descents that required a bit of caution as we navigated through them.

We then continued further along the track and onto the beach where we found little anchorage bay for a mornos stop. After morning tea, we continued further south along the coast towards Green Head. A beautiful view of the area from some of the look outs was spoiled by the sight of hundreds of dead sea life washed up along the beaches.

Richard and Helen went on to Green Head, and found a nice clean beach for us to take a swim, and a lunch stop, while others made the trek up to the top of the look out.

After lunch, the group made their own way back to Leeman. Later in the afternoon, Jane and I decided to take the kids fishing on the boat jetty, along with my sister and brother law who were also in Leeman for the weekend.

After about 10 minutes, Jane yelled out that Tia (16 months old) had dropped my car keys through the crack in the jetty, and into the water. Who gives a baby a set of keys to play with on a jetty!!!! Jane told me to put my mask and snorkel on to try to find them. I reminded her that they were in the back of the locked car. Jane was quickly encouraged to jump in and look for them, while the rest of us looked on from the safety of the jetty. Luckily, I had packed a spare set of keys for this trip, and had left them in the camper trailer. On return to the caravan park, the park owner’s son kindly volunteered to have a look for the lost keys. Luckily, the keys were eventually located in the murky brown water.

On Sunday night, the group had dinner at the local country club. After an hour or so waiting, the meals finally came out. The kids entertained the crowd on the dance floor for a while, before we set off back to the caravan park, to continue with a few drinks and laughs late into the evening. Chair swapping and Dear Glenn were just a few laughs we had that night….and possibly a new column for the magazine.….

Day 4: Monday 7th March 2011

The camp awoke to another beautiful morning, and reflected on the laughs and good time that we had the previous night. After a quick breakfast, we started packing up so we could take off fairly early. Most of us took off on our own, with a few stops on the way.

The Leeman caravan park is a great place, and the owners are very accommodating to all your needs. I would gladly recommend this place to anyone. What a fantastic trip, sure to book again!

Jason & Jane McCarthy

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