Lifted but not Locked..! Fremantle Fishing Charter

Trip Leader:  Murray Baskerville

Co Trip Leader:  Dave Morrison

Date:   Saturday 16th Feb  


17 Members met5.45am for a 6am start  at Jetty 3 Capo D’Orlando Drive Fremantle  

Perfect day. Blue skies.  Warm. 



Charter Boat travelled out to an area near Rottnest Island. Started out smooth in lee of islands





but in no time the ocean was rough  and soon some members were feeling the effect of being out of their cars and in a boat.  Many members freely offered over the side their contributions to add to the burley .    


Once at Rotto we meandered around the island trying to find the best fishing spot.  Is there such a place?


Due to the waves most people found a secure spot and hung on.


Those who ventured to move around had a few close calls of going for a swim….with options of going for a swim or coming to an abrupt halt against a post, a wall, a table, the deck, with a few coming home with bruises …. Rather than fish.   


Morning tea and BBQ Lunch was supplied and cooked by the crew  Hot and cold drinks were welcomed.

No (stationary) trees to disappear behind, the  WC available was a whole new dimension and  proved to be a challenge for a number of reasons. 

Some members found simply getting through the narrow door was challenge 1.  Staying seated on the moving rolling throne Challenge 2  trying to drop or raise your pants once inside the confined narrow rocking ‘box’ was confronting

Consensus ….. a bush and a spade is far easier .


Dave,  Neil, Bruce and one other (someone please name?) caught fish, Snappers, but regulations on species vs size / weight they had to be returned asap to the ocean to grow a bit bigger.


The fish that was allowed Red Emperor,  was actually smaller than the others’ catches…  so Dave was rapt that his fish was not only photogenic, but was size acceptable and going to be very tasty.   Filleted and prepared for him by the crew. Dave had a great day.     Dave said “Took me 64 yrs to catch a fish and by all accounts it’s a good one”.


Back to Freo jetty about 3pm.  Not so sure if everyone enjoyed the day.. maybe due to lack of catch? or maybe acquisition of solid bruises….but thanks to Muzz for organising a totally different  Mitsi Club day.

Rachel the Trip leader’s wife arranged a Fishing Widows seafood lunch at the Gosnells Hotel. Very clever. No intention of  anticipating fresh fish for dinner.


Trip Report:  Dave Morrison

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