Logue Brook to Dwellingup

Trip Leader:   Paul & Louise & Wes

When:    Sunday 31st July 2005

Location:   Lane Poole

Tail-end Charlie:    Trevor & Rachel 

 Participants:  The vehicles that followed our intrepid leaders were:  Lester and Chris P; Des and Lyn; John and Sue; John Mc. and Brian; Rick and Nancy; John and Rosalie; Roger and Jan; Martin and Karen; Diana; Terry and Teresa and Tail End Charlie, Trevor (Hot Tips!) and Rachel; Visitors: Craig and Kirsty, and Terry and Christine.
Whilst the first 5 vehicles passed the turning into Dix Road, vehicles 6 to 15 knew where to turn and waited there for the Trip Leaders to return to head the convoy up into the hills.  Paul announced that there was a Joke of the Day Competition and the prize would be organised.  John K suggested a week at Docker River.  No further mention during the whole day was made about any joke and perhaps we were all too serious in finding our way!
Soon we found our first serious hill climb.  Most people walked half way up to inspect the terrain.  It was deeply rutted with sideways slides a possibility.  It was a good track with a few scary parts and all vehicles made it with no trouble.  We drove on past Lake Brockman and Logue Brook Dam. Apparently the dam is only 30% full.  After morning tea we drove beside Saddle Dam.  We drove through a fairly thick forest area.  Paul made reference to getting notches on his nudge bar and mud on it, or did he say blood on it from the motorbike rider ahead of him.
A kangaroo ran in front of Des, then another in front of John B.  Paul then had five sheep on the road running in front of them, leading the convoy!  We were making for Samson Brook but when we got there, there was a Road Closed sign (Closed July – November 2005).  
Comment was made about Pre-Trips??!!
After some head scratching by Paul and Wes, whilst leaning over the bonnet with maps spread out, Plan B was put into operation.  So off we went, only to find that the track on Plan B ran out!  
Then Plan C was talked about. Terry asked how many plans did Wes and Paul have.  
Wes replied “as many as it takes” and once he gets to Z, he starts again.  
Suddenly we reverted back to Plan A – well Wes said it was the ‘sort of’ Plan A.  
He waffled on a bit so we would all have confidence in where we were being led!!
Soon we had another Road Closed sign and Plan Z began to look promising.  
We all had to turn around and back tracked a little while.  A discussion followed about the merits of multi-tasking.  Wes said inspite of taking a wrong route, if we had taken the RIGHT route, we would have missed out on the stunning views!
Paul was asked which plan were we now on and he was reminded that there are 26 letters of the alphabet to go through!  We all pulled off the road, so the Leader and Leader’s Assistant could have a pow wow!  Terry pointed out that there was a very big tourist map on the side of the road, pointing out where we were if they were lost!
We rejoined the South West Highway and turned off at Waroona and drove towards the hills.  Now on Pre-A plan according to Paul, who said he always knew where we were!, but it was not where we were supposed to be!  Back on the gravel we crossed the power lines.  Another Road Closed sign!  
Wes suggested we find a nice lunch spot and re-assess the situation.  Meanwhile we drove under the power lines and had our lunch stop at the base of an interesting hill climb.
After lunch, Wes attempted to get up the hill.  No go!  Craig and Kirsty charged up and came to a bumpy halt!  Then Terry (Toyota) managed to climb up this intrepid hill. It was decided to give the hill a miss and take the chicken run, except John Mc. decided to have a go and he also had to give up, and reverse down.  
The convoy drove on and ended up coming to a halt when Wes and Paul took off in different directions to find a way out!   
Wes found Plan # ‘Whatever’ …and we all followed him.
We had a nice drive through the forest following the gushing river. There was a cyclist who was going faster than Paul.   Suddenly Paul said “Unbelievable” so we guessed he had found a Road Closed sign again, which is what had happened! 
However he got Louise to lift the barrier and Tail end Charlie put it back, once we were all through.  We then all stopped and walked down to see the river.  We got back onto the bitumen until we found another hill climb near Lane Pool.  Paul went one way DOWN and Wes attempted to go Up, only to reverse down and follow Paul.  Perhaps he was only turning around?  
This was a very steep descent, then onto a gravel road and off up a steep ascent.  Only Paul got up.  
Diana tried but kept on slipping.  So the convoy decided enough was enough and we zipped into Lane Pool Reserve campsite for the afternoon tea stop and to say our goodbyes.
It was a great day guys, and never mind the Road Closed signs and mishaps!.  
We all enjoyed being behind you and having fun and fellowship, which is what it is all about.  
Thank you for a lovely day.
While on the drive homewards, Terry realised he had better check that Rick did have Terry’s son Liam in his vehicle.  Trouble was Rick had his two-way turned down so low, he could not hear us calling him.  Eventually John K (directly in front of Rick) pulled over to the side and luckily Rick followed him over.  And yes, little Liam was with Rick!
Oh and another thing …….. Trevor nearly went to Bunbury instead of Perth.  
Hot Tip Trev: Read the Road Signs!
Sue B.

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