Margaret River / Big Valley

Trip Leader:  Martin and Karen

When:  16th Nov  – 19th November

Location:  Big Valley Campsite Margaret River

Participants: 31 people, 15 vehicles in total
Friday November 16
Trip notes from Martin  
Although some had arrived a day or two earlier, the rest (31 people, 15 vehicles in total) arrived throughout the day on the Friday. In the morning just before the first arrivals of the day, Roger, Martin and John King strolled around the paddocks setting up the golf course. By mid-day, the owner of the property Kevin appeared with one quite large lamb ready to place on the spit for the evening’s dinner. The lamb spent the afternoon rotating above hot flames casting a delicious aroma over the camp ground. With everyone settled in, an evening banquet was established with an array of delightful salads, succulent lamb and chicken platters. After which; Roger gave a run down of the next day’s schedule.
Saturday November 17
The following trip notes from Sue
Fourteen vehicles left Big Valley at 9.35am.  After a dodgy start,  well – stop, start, stop, start, due to George checking his kayak was STILL on top of his car, we got moving.  Reference was made to being stopped in an unsafe place, but the front half of the convoy was parked off the side of the road safely.  With such a long convoy, and having to make two unscheduled stops for a member, it is not easy to suddenly find enough safe stopping places for fourteen vehicles
We saw plenty of wildlife – Ibis, both on the ground and a flock in the sky, Emu, a few small groups of them and then Karen saw a family of baby Emu and a Bobtail.
We drove on to Mowen Road, which had a sign to be upgraded by 2013!  The dust was really bad.  We turned into Jalbarragup road in the forest and there were signs of recent bush fires.  There was a small settlement of about 30 houses on large bush blocks.
We made a fairly rough descent to a water crossing.  Wilma wanted a photo of this phenomenon so John K. combed his hair all ready for his ‘close up.’ We then drove to Barrabup Pool for morno’s or morons as it is now called! (See spelling mistake from an earlier issue of the Club magazine!)  It was a top spot and some youngsters (not ours) were jumping from a deck out into the river.
Off we drove again and we were soon out of the forest and driving through glorious farmland up hill and down dale.  Discussion took place about Geoff’s headlights.  We went back into the forest and on to a gravel track for a steep descent and then ascent!  Everyone made it, even the non-Pajeroes.  I guess the plural of Pajero would have an ‘e’ in it as in ‘Pajeroes’ to make it like tomato and tomatoes!
Soon it was lunchtime and we found a shady spot on the track to have our lunch. 
During lunch, some members went and had a play on the steep slope nearby.  
Karen drove DOWN so three cheers for her, the only female to tackle it, either UP or DOWN! 
After lunch we drove on to Nannup and had tea there at a café in a shady spot.  Then we all drifted in different directions, some to check out the caravan park, some to check out the quilt craft shop, some to check out an  antique/collectibles shop and some to check out ice creams!  Some of the convoy teamed up to make our way back to camp. After we set off, Rog and Jan wondered about Jane and Jason not being with us, so they doubled back to Nannup and John and Rosalie went with them to see if they had been left behind.
We arrived back at Big Valley after a very pleasant day’s run.  Thank you to Jan and Rog, Karen and Martin and Peter and Denise who helped pre-trip a lovely run.
By the way did you KNOW that we have amongst our membership, someone who was the 1961 Tennis Champion of Ballingup?  This could be a Quiz Question for the future!
The following trip notes by Martin
After everyone had organised dinner and settled down for the evening, a surprise birthday cake was offered to Maxine Otway who was celebrating her 60th birthday. A Quartet comprising of Roger, Jan, Rosalie and John sang a 60th birthday chorus to the now red faced Maxine. 
That was a good lead in for the Red Faces entertainment for the evening. 
Martin and Karen started the show off with a song sung to the Sonny and Cher classic ‘I got you babe’, re-titled ‘I got a Pajero babe’. 
Doctor Belcher and his buxom assistant Denise performed some questionable surgery on an excited Roger. 
Verse mongers George and Linda poetized their own impressive composition telling of the day’s events. 
Maxine Otway and Sue Bromberger paired up for a high society poetry duet. 
Young Jason Redding braved the floor to tell a few one liners, then Wilma Ashby showed the crowd how Gary can pop her cork.!! 
Jason McCarthy demonstrated the 3 tap technique on Jane. 
John and Sue Bromberger organised a sketch of a different type. 
The lights were then dimmed and a grand entrance was made by the 70s group ABBA. 
Pasc, Sam , Chris and Lester performed ‘Dancing Queen’ however due to the gender imbalance it should have been called ‘Drag Queen’ (Lester we will never let you forget that one). 
The evening was capped off with bush dancing courtesy of the Kingston school of country dancing.
Karen handed out voting slips to everyone to judge the best act of the evening, with the ABBA revival getting the majority of votes. 
However it was the Freegard-King Quartet that got an encore request from the crowd to finish off a most enjoyable 60th birthday celebration for Maxine.
Sunday November 18
The following trip notes from Sue
Chris and Lester led a few members on a trip down to Deep Dene Beach which is down past Karridale near to Cosy Corner.  The beach was just stunning and perhaps we can repeat this trip and stay there for a longer time next year.  We had a few Kodak moments and then had to get back for the lunch out at Woody Nook.   We also squeezed in a visit to Elephant Rock, part of a rocky outcrop standing out of the water.
Thanks boys (!) for waiting for us to join you as I would not have missed it for the world.  It is easy to forget how near the coast we are, when staying in the beautiful surroundings of Big Valley.
The lunch at Woody Nook was delightful and they managed to fit us all in on one long, long table.  After lunch, everyone dispersed into different directions.  The Brombergers managed to fit in a winery visit (no comments thank you!) and then the Metricup Bird Park which was well worth visiting and we would recommend it to anyone with young children as it was so interesting and the owners came around and told us so much about the different birds.
What a great weekend this was, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.
Thanks again to Rog and Jan, and Martin and Karen.
The following trip notes by Martin
 Most members stayed on for a Monday departure, those who left due to work commitments were the Kingstons, Brombergers and Marmoys.
After lunch at the Woody Nook winery (Highly recommended) the group headed in mostly different directions to tour the area.
Later in the afternoon about half the group met up at the Berry Farm for afternoon tea. It was just on 4:00pm and the sign at the gate indicated that it was open till 4:30pm. However, upon ordering tea and scones at the Berry Farm café, half the group was refused service. It wasn’t until a few well chosen words from Rosalie and John to the staff about the sign that they reluctantly, with a tight smile, served the remainder of the group.    I think they did themselves out of several customers next year.
After dinner at the camp site, Karen and Jan drew names from a bowl to organise the quiz night teams for the evening. Because of his previous quiz night white washes Peter Belcher’s team was reduced in size. It must have worked because his team was beaten to first place by Sam’s team. Good news Peter that means the pressure’s off for the next Quiz night!
It was at that stage that Sam let the entire Margaret River region know that he had scored a hat-trick winning the Red Faces, Quiz Night and apparently the Golf.
Monday morning all but the Bickerdikes, who were extending their holiday at Big Valley, packed up and departed for home or other venues. The Freegards, Belchers and Archers headed for Hamelin Bay to meet up with Roger and Jan’s family to celebrate his Birthday.
Another very successful weekend at Big Valley, which by popular demand has been re-booked for next year.

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