News Behind the Meeting & AGM March 2016

President Peter opened the meeting and advised they weren’t being pretentious sitting up there on a raised dais.  Just needed to be high enough to count votes easily.

Normal rites of club constitution were performed and accepted… the meeting moved on to the important part of the night… remuneration for the President! drachma or roubles in large envelopes could buy the best jobs… FIFA style?

Emergency procedure for Safety Information about the Meeting rooms was delivered.
Hasn’t changed.. if you see them run, follow them, and then panic..!

Annual General Meeting started with the President’s Report for the Club’s performance for 2015. Excellent. And augers well for this coming year. (Posted on the webpage)


Financial report was next… Harvey inexperienced in ‘talking the talk’, was ‘volunteered’ to be proxy Treasurer for the night. He ad-libbed well till the auditor who happened to be present, amended a few of his dyslexic offerings. Our proxy Treasurer lost his debonair poise once he realised someone who actually knew what he was saying.. or not saying very well.. was in the room.

Long pauses as he now weighed up his delivery..!

Treasurer’s Report concluded to loud, deserved, applause. Harvey did well for having never had to present that report before.

Oh no…Questions from the room!!. Luckily for the two up there on the dais the auditor was there and happy to answer those curly financial ones. He did admit quietly later that this year, unlike past years, he was the hands-on auditor…or there may have been a timeout while he found answers so the report could be accepted in the minutes. Keeping everyone on their toes?

Harvey now was primed for next section of the evening as Returning Officer.

Judith is new Vice President. Accepted conditional on firm reassurances that the President has no plans for extended trips around the country in the coming two years.

Donna takes over from Bridget as new Treasurer…with help offered from Bridget… if she’s in the country and if she’s in phone range.

New Trip Coordinator Peter F has taken over from Pat so no longer does Pat have to maintain his ‘role model’ status. He can now concentrate totally on his next Piston Broke nomination.

Kim steps up from Assist to Membership Officer. He’s been ‘heir apparent’ for a while.. but was probably the last to know.

I.T. stays with Rob. He knows he can do it anywhere.. top of Central Park Tower or chilling in his own bush penthouse.

No nominations for either WA4WDAssoc delegate or Trackcare delegate. Bruce advised as he is still going to the meetings in other roles he can help anyone moving into the positions.

Backroom discussions will be held! Or someone taken out the back and beaten with a big stick? Someone, or two, will emerge sometime saying… “Guess what folks.. Surprise.. I’m (we’re) the new … delegate(s)”. Elections never change.

After Guy was thanked for his Company’s auditing and for his explanations, General Business closed.

The Special Raffle draw was held. With conditions.

The prize? One free year membership

The conditions: 1/ Not refundable for cash
2/ If a visitor wins & wishes to join, fees are calculated accordingly. What a bonus !
3/ If a visitor wins who is not intending to join. Sorry..redraw.
4/ If a Life Member wins it.. see condition  No.1

‘1st to pay’ prize was won by Steven Kalyniuk ..He paid twice last year.! And I think Rob had to pay to test the system… but no prizes for IT.    Or free rides?

Dave and Sue Morrison were very happy their ticket was drawn. Unconditionally.

carparkDuring the short break, everyone stretched their legs for a bit, poured hot drinks , names added to trip lists, and socialising.   Pat and Gaz slipped out to do their car park check. Did you know they do that for you all.? Our cars have been ‘interfered with’ in the past.

Those who happened to notice, saw two people saying “Guess what folks.. Surprise!”
No Delegates announcement as approval required at committee level.



Reminder: Fees due 1st April

Only 30days left then to pay . Then lapsed.

I.T. Steven was a bit slow putting images up on the screen for next section.

Peter chided with a grin.. “on your phone again?”
“No,” said Steven with a smile, “I’m reminding myself to pay!!”

Database advances
Peter explained how the new database that’s been developed in consultation with IT  Trip and Web will look and how it will also reduce the work load of Treasurer and helpers, following up in the past urging members to pay, so correct numbers can be submitted to WA4WDA and for Insurance.

Be aware any member who has signed up now for a trip planned for after the fees cut off date, and still not financial at that time, will not be able to participate in the event.

After November unpaid members will have to rejoin but without the 2 trips and 2 meetings of a new member but nomination fee still applies.

John Brom requested if possible, at monthly meetings to let members know who have left as often one will look for a familiar face not seen for a while and simply wonder ‘with concern’.    Peter pointed out that although it would be lovely to keep up with departures, it could be difficult as it may be misconstrued by some as a ‘name and shame’ of unpaid fees…and not a ‘where are they now’ segment to a meeting.

First time ever done. Very successful . Best bait ever. Donuts!!!

On the night Paul asked certain members to stand…all had similar (larger) physiques. Paul advised that all successful trip leaders must have one attribute.. to like pies/donuts/iced coffee and that one must be at least their size.                                    Heckled..your car requirement ?..Heavy duty suspension.!

The trip lists filled very fast…everyone who waved for a donut Peter took as volunteering for whichever list he had up at the time. Suckers for donuts all waving at each other. Didn’t learn.

Co trip leaders were the bonus in this planning. They are the trip leaders in training and all trips have 1 experienced and 1 inexperienced person working together. And all months were filled for 2016.   A good result and lots of activities for the coming year. Plus any empty day can be an impromptu day trip…A simple “hey I’m going…Anyone want to join me?”   Trips don’t have to be big numbers. Small groups are easy and enjoyable. Car numbers can be specified and limited.

Richard K. Training Coordinator also gained a good insight into what these inexperienced people wanted to be trained in.
There was a lot of discussion and interaction…and a promise : donuts with that highly coloured sweet icing will NEVER be offered again.!!!

New Member: James D.   Newly elected Membership Officer Kim performed his first induction and welcome. James told how he has been mainly remote area driving up the Pilbara. Maybe he’ll lead us on a guided tour someday..that’s called leading a trip isn’t it? How good (and different ) it would be to have a guided tour. Though James said he’s looking forward to Perth style trips.    I think that means sand.!

Peter at the opera

Dinner at Wave Rock. Reported by Pat.
5 families all we did was eat and talk. Some moseyed around being tourists. The rest sat and talked. End of report.

Environmental Trip: Churchmans Brook     Reported by Dave Morrison.
He said there was a little bit of rubbish to pick up but mainly noted for future is reappearance of cotton bush (perhaps this years flush of plants should be removed before they set the next lot of seeds.)   They cleared a couple of tracks to allow passage for Emergency Services. A successful and enjoyable day.

26 people went along but advice to must negotiate to get a discount. They’re not automatically offered. Richard Nicholls gave a good presentation on diff lockers and associated equipment, and Rachel won the door prize.


Pop Up trip: Murray offered anyone in the club not doing anything this weekend on Sunday welcome to join him. Bring everything and Grandkids too. 11 to 4 Sit around and relax. Under the trees near and/or in the water. On the calendar.

Gnangara Nights: 19th March Pat advised won’t be a long night… unless Rick comes.

Lucky Bay Easter: Guy said trip is full. He’s leaving Wednesday if anyone wants to travel with him… need to “bags a spot “. He’ll ph everyone individually before the trip.

Four Lakes Easter: Peter C said trip is full. Away over Easter and back some time after.

Lake Leschenaultia Regional Park 10th April. Bruce said it’s part of Dave’s Environmental brief by Parks and Wildlife 1/ to go for a wander and a picnic 2/ Report back on condition of tracks and access for SES etc 3/ Raise public awareness of presence of volunteers and DPaW park oversight.

Albany Gathering: Bruce then ran through June’s details. Only costs are getting there and back and $20 a night for powered site $15 non powered and your food. Our Secretary will send out the Association email advising all the events planned, and when numbers must be finalised for allocating booked sites.

LATE NOTICE Kaarakin Busy Bee. Saturday 19th March 8.30am – 12.30pm
There will be general cleaning of the paths and surrounding area of the Office and Restaurant area, weeding if necessary and general cleaning of the 4WD Association office and  restaurant area inside.
Also they would like to paint the “toilet stalls” and ceilings of both the Ladies and Gents Toilets so if there are any willing painters they would love to see them.

Training Night Oz Explorer April 20th.

age thing

Goodchilds Sponsorship: Saturday 12:15 to 2:15 (after morning trading). Hosted by Roger Goodchilds. For new members know that Goodchilds battery prices, quality and service can’t be beaten in Perth. There is a Members red hot special on an Icom UHF kit.
Someone from both Icom and Redarc will be present to answer questions about their products also and to advise which equipment suits your application.

Anyone who buys anything on the day goes into a draw for a Hand Held Icom prize.

Birdsville Trip: George advised his trip is flexible to allow for some to veer off to other close places. His belief is if you are going to travel 10,000 km then you’d want to get your money’s worth and see as many personal choices as you can along the way..e.g offshoots to Kings Canyon or Coober Pedy opal fields. George said he’ll be keeping off bitumen as much as possible.     Only 180 sleeps to go.

Last meeting I.T. Steven asked about Members knowledge of Mitsubishi Warranty. Since answers from the floor were vague, he charged himself with the job of finding out and reporting back.
He’s none the wiser. One dealership vowed this. Another dealership vowed that.
Bottom line is: ascertain for yourself and get it in writing at purchase date.

Peter F listed Nungarin Festival will be on again this year with camping at Mangowine Homestead as per last year. More to come later.

Harvey advised he just got a very good deal from Tyrepower using our Mitsubishi Tyrepower Dealer preferred customer cards…and the price was good.

March 16 Committee Meeting  7pm start not 7:30.

April 6 next Club Meeting. “With trip reports and some photos please”, asked President Peter.

Supper and Social..and the unveiling of the Ladies Comfort Pack Competition.

After last month’s trip report of a “car hang up” that went on for hours…and hours.. the concept of the all suffering ladies needing comfort packs was formed.

Three participants in the comp:  Jules, Sue and Judith had all put together their requirement for a long term sit somewhere.  Interestingly  the  three packs all featured alcohol somewhere…!

Jules’ pack was a luxury foodies hamper with a massive wine glass.

Sue’s hamper  was designed for a group of 4  and was accompanied by a four page comprehensive list of necessities of which each Trip Leader needed to be aware of  how many had to be catered for ..   before  heading off  to  parts unknown.                       Sue had the Training Officer worried. He thought this was another four pages to be inserted into the Trip Leaders Manual.

Judith brought a little bag for when it’s not her car hung up, and a small suitcase holding her perceived comfort necessities for a few hours beside the track if it’s her car that’s  inaccessible for hours. Interestingly hers focussed on alcohol and trees, and shovels and conweeniences required when there are no trees.

Winner was chosen by applause.    Prize?..More alcohol.

Meeting ended.

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