Trip Leader: Tony & Stella

When: 22nd March 2009

Location: Wungong Regional Park

Ten vehicles and passengers met John Harding (DEC Ranger) at Byford on a fine autumn morning. After  some uncertainty about whether anyone might have been delayed because of the closure of the southbound freeway for a cycle race we set off for the old airstrip for the mornings work. We formed two working  groups, the first to remove the stinkweed from the fenced enclosure and the second to remove an old fence.

Lester was rewarded with a trailer load of firewood. The work was completed by midday and the next

activity was lunch. Two gas BBQ’s were set up and we all enjoined a sausage sizzle, salad and melon before  a short afternoon drive guided by John. Sam and Paul who know their onions were in charge of lunch.

Later we drove through the Darling Regional Park that has only pedestrian access. The steep descent into  the Wungong valley was interesting and we stopped to investigate the ruins of an old farm house with the  remains of a once flourishing orchard. Some trees would have been at least 100 years old. The foraging party to the creek enjoyed grapes and noted the pomegranate tree had ripening fruit. There was evidence of wild pigs activity under the trees but we did not see any pigs. The marri trees were in flower and the bees were  busy. Baudin’s cockatoos fly about.

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