Trip Leader: Stephen Kalynuik;    Co-Trip Leader:  Bruce Brinkley

When: 19/05/2013

Location: Wungong WA 6112

Participants:  John &  Sue  Bromberger,  Tony Farrugia, Michael Gilbert, Bob &  Bridgette McPherson,  Keith Parker,  Murray Hudson,   Libby Simpson,  Peter Johnston,  John Kelly,  Steve Pike, Kim & Gail Graieg,  Colin  & Maria Orr, Tony &  Stella Weldon,   Judith &  Bruce Brinkley, Stephen Kalyniuk  John Harding (DEC)

Stephen kicked off his first Environment Day with support from everyone present.  John Harding from DEC gave his time to show us the difference between a flowering weed and a wildflower. Michael brought an essential trailer and the rest of us donated muscle,  focus on weeds and rubbish, and our love of the bush.
The now established plantings were surprisingly free of weeds…just one predominant plant that the biggest group of volunteers removed along the ripped airstrip.  The dedicated crew of weeders removed 5 or 6 huge bags of weeds covered in seeds. Very productive.    Some of the weeders  broke their monotony and eased their backs   by walking the adjacent bushline collecting  refuse.
A second group with trailer in tow, split right and left along the escarpment, while a third canvassed other tracks. On the whole, the amount of rubbish has more than halved from that amassed when we initially began the project.

When the DEC guys drive through the park their focus is on the park overall, they aren’t as aware of the smaller  items of rubbish that we see by our driving slowly, bunny hopping along the track  actively focusing on that bottle or squashed drink can… so that John (DEC) was surprised at the number of bags we filled.
Rubbish collection was a bit of one upmanship..Marion started off on a roll…a large roll of new fencing wire MARTIN  PHOTO OF ROLL OF FENCING WIRE GOING INTO TRAILER
Her bid was raised by David and his Dad dragging in a kitchen stove.   Stella outdid that with the find of yet another shell of a car…but the found  Mitsubishi badge took the philosophical prize. A satisfying day…we did well!!

In lovely winter sun we lunched at the western end  of the Airstrip and let’s hope it never gets planted out fully as we still need that place to circle the Mitsubishi’s…  bush and people need open spaces too.
Tony took the visitors on a guided commentary to wander through the first treed section where already the “Recognition Plaque” has been damaged.

Bruce then led the homestead trip… from the rear.   John Harding (DEC) guided the group there.

Of course by then, many have developed a twitch when they drive through the tracks after the work has finished. It’s a compelling urge to stop and jump out for every conspicuous artifact dumped there.
Our visitors were treated to a long drive through the treed gorges and valleys of the Regional Park.
By being DEC volunteers, we get the luxury of taking the easy way to enjoy the heights and depths of the area.
For young David it was not only his first time driving his father’s car, he quite competently handled his first 4WD situation.

At the last visit and Working Bee, the cotton weed on the flats  was so tall it was higher than a man walking.
This is almost gone where it was earlier the only plant obvious.  One more DEC spraying is planned of the newly  shooting weeds… and then we will return to plant trees aimed at preserving the habitat of the endangered Carnaby cockatoos and other creatures native to the area.
We tasted some old orchard lemons..and spat them out.. checked out the two building sites and made plans for future involvement in that area too.
Armadale Council is to work with us to utilize the historical bricks from the old site to create something that is hopefully useful and vandal resistant.
We left the park via the South Western Hwy gate about 3.30pm.

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