Trip Leader: Assistant Environment Officer Trevor Theunissen

When: 17 October 2010

Location: Wungong Regional Park

Participants: 21 people in 11x 4WD’s and 3 D.E.C vehicles.. and happy days.. one is a water truck!!!

…all arrived at the Wungong site for the next session of the park upgrade.

Assistant Environment Officer Trev a.k.a. ‘Rollover’ … allocated groups to areas and most important ..the return time for lunch.

And now one must realize this is written from the perspective of a “worker”. We had no idea what the others got up to so we naturally take it as read they did nothing.!!

To compile a report for D.E.C., Malcolm and John drove off in airconditioned comfort to record the status of various gates and points in the Park.
Sam and Pasc played with water all day….
Splash me, splash you, a little on the plants..
Splash me, splash you, a little on the plants.
Did no-one notice how refreshed they looked at the end of the day?

And then there were the workers… fence removalists who achieved another great pile of old fencing and barbed wire for the dump.

Sweat, scratches, blood and flies… and now with wildflower season.. loads of bees..!

These teams continued on from the clearing done last working day..removing dilapidated fences, rusted wire all with vegetation securing it to the land, barbed wire and star pickets.

Morning tea was taken sitting on rocks and cushions on the track..Trish probably had a greater variety of food offered her than her prepared mornos which was driving round on the other side of the park with Malcolm.

Back to work.
Back for lunch.
Unload the trailers and utes. Back to work.

Then…the dream fence…open, clear of scrub, undemanding, just begging for our attention.

But… maybe it is just a bit too new…?
“It’s OK to cut it. All fences out here are to go” says our team leader.
Murmuring in the ranks. Reluctance. Indecision. Wire cutters poised.
Reference to map and GPS.. We’ve reached a boundary!!

So how experienced are any of us in fence repair? Joke!

And now another question.. Have any of you actually seen the little suckers, the kangaroos, we are saving from maim and mutilation ???? No?
Do you want to know why…?
They live in the lush grassy paddock on the opposite side of the road to the Caltex Servo in Byford where we start from.!!
We have photographic evidence… & they probably even waved us off in the morning!!!

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