Trip Leader: Tony

When:  10th October 2009

Location:   Wungong Regional Park visit 7

Participants: 16 Members, 3 Visitors

A cloudy Saturday October 10th revealed 16 Club members, 3 Club visitors plus off duty DEC staff Tony E and John H with a friend of Tony’s assembled at the service station on Nettleton Road. Some filled up with fuel and other necessities and promptly at 9.15, the convoy drove to the Wungong Regional Park and, working in small groups along the airstrip and associated tracks, collected a wide variety of dumped rubbish and removed old fencing.
After lunch, some continued to collect rubbish while others went to the disused clay pit area to assist in the retrieval of the panel van found at the last visit from the pit. At the previous visit it had been laboriously towed from a difficult position in a gulley and left near a track for a jinker to collect. 
In the meantime it was stolen again and burned before being pushed over into the clay pit. No comment needed. Great work by Piers’ winch once again and it was ready to be picked up by DEC. By 2.30pm, the extra large skip provided by DEC was filled to capacity.
There was brief anxiety when a member drove past two young men, one of whom had a .22 rifle. Our friends from DEC investigated and found it was a licensed weapon; however, they were escorted from the Park as no shooting is permitted in this regional park.
Three horses from the horse rescue service at Bedfordale were being exercised in the Park whilst we were there. One of the riders commented that this is a regular exercise area for the horses and they were pleased to see a group like ours taking social responsibility as some members of the  local community do create problems in the park!
Light rain showers began at around 2pm so by 2.30pm we finished for the day and began our respective journeys home, each one of us feeling satisfied with a job well done once again.  Having our 3 visitors and potential members  with DEC’s John, Tony & Peter made it a great day so thanks to those who came. Special mention must be made of Trevor & Lewis who worked hard despite only having returned from Thailand the day before!
Stella and Tony

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