McBeg Update

Just in from our Past Environment Officer Tony Weldon.

Each of you receiving this email, and the second one, helped the Club’s work at Wungong Regional Park (McBEG) behind Byford when we were undertaking the restoration of the gravel pit and adjacent old crop duster’s airstrip.

In October this year, the Club went up to Wungong for some more work and had a look at the two areas. Must admit I was stunned and had tears in my eyes seeing how those desolate areas were now forests. The vegetation on the airstrip was so dense in most places that it was impossible to walk through it easily if at all.

We did a lot more than these major jobs in Wungong of course but, with these two projects, we have left a superb heritage for the future. As the Environment Officer for 19 years, when I look at the photos I remember how well you all supported the Club, and me, over that time. For your encouragement for me personally I am most grateful, it was hard and time consuming work but would have been impossible without your moral and physical support. The help given by Tony Eddleston and John Harding from the Department was also critical to the success and I am most appreciative of their assistance.

What we accomplished at Leschenault Peninsula CP and Wungong RP has given the Club a very high and first class profile with CALM, then DEC, then DPaW and now the Parks and Wildlife section of the Dept. of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. Don’t ask why the name changes!!!

So thanks again and, if those of you who are no longer in the Club would like to go and visit the airstrip again, please let me know and I’ll try to arrange this with the current EO for some time when it is cooler next year.


Tony Weldon
Happily retired EO.

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