MCLEG 2004

Trip Leader: Tony Weldon

When: 29 -30th May 2004

Location: Leschenault Peninsula

Participants: 25 Adults & 15 Children



Day 1
On a beautiful sunny Saturday morning at 11 o’clock, 11 vehicles met at the J.B. O’Reilly car park at the end of Buffalo Road. The Keesing and Ellis families went ahead earlier to set up camp. Tony and Stella and Peter Morris, the ranger, waited for yours truly while the rest of the campers went through to the Tuart Grove campsite. We followed shortly after with some mushroom picking on the way. It is good to know the ranger as he showed us his secret spot. Even though the road leading into the campsite was firm, one member, not mentioning any names, (The King) did manage to get bogged. 25 adults and 15 children were all looking forward to a great weekend. We had 600 She Oak trees to plant the next day.
After lunch, the ranger took us on a tour up some kangaroo tracks to the highest point on the Peninsular with a magical view of the ocean and the inlet. While the children had great fun rolling down the sand hills, Ranger Peter gave us a very informative talk on the history of the area. We ventured back to the campsite for a quick afternoon tea and then off again for a drive to the cut. Karen & Martin threw a line in, but the rest headed back for happy hour at 5 o’clock.
The Otways arrived mid afternoon and the Stampalija crew arrived around 7pm and set up their tent in time for the evening entertainment.
John organized a quiz night that got under way just after 8pm. We all sat around three camp fires, even though the temperature wasn’t too cold, in groups of 4. After 5 rounds of questions, Stella, Tony, Beverley and John were declared winners. Congratulations to everyone for taking part especially the rowdy table of teenagers. Maxine and Jeff donated a bottle of Port that was raffled and shared by many for a nightcap. From about 10.30 onwards people drifted off to bed after a very enjoyable day.
Chris & Jan
Day 2 
The Ranger arrived at 8.00 a.m. to give the club a demonstration on how to plant the trees properly.  Each of the four groups was given a planting tool which dug the holes and planted the tree at the same time.  Each group was given a specific area and we planted a total of 600 trees.
Our group was given two of the digging tools.  We soon developed a good system that enabled us to get the trees planted very quickly. We needed to put three bamboo sticks and a protective bag around each tree.   This was to protect the trees from the rabbits so the trees didn’t get eaten before they had a chance to develop. Before long the stick supply began to run low and we had to use sticks broken off dead trees.  According to the forecast it was going to rain which was good because it gave the trees a healthy start.  After a coffee break we made our way  back to the campsite for lunch. 
After lunch we went for a drive along the beach.  An obvious problem on the beach was the erosion of sand dunes. The discussion in our car was a possible job to be done by the club planting more trees to help prevent further erosion of the dunes.
On our way back to camp we stopped at the car park to pump up tyres.  Some cars left to make their way home from there.  The rest of us went back to the campsite to pack up and leave for home.
By the end of the weekend everyone felt good about themselves because they had a satisfying feeling they had played a huge part in restoring the environment. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Luke and Blake                                                                                                 

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