Trip Leader: Tony& Stella

When:  May 2008

Location: Leschenault Inlet

Teaming up for rehabilitation at Leschenault Peninsula
By Joanna Moore, Dept of Environment and Conservation
DEC has joined forces with the Mitsubishi Four-Wheel Drive Club, DEC
Bush Rangers and other school students to tackle environmental protection at Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park, just north of Bunbury.
Funding through the South West Coast Action Grant enabled DEC to undertake the work with the four-wheel drive club and DEC Bush Rangers, who are from Bunbury Catholic College.
The group fenced rehabilitation areas, collected seeds, propagated plants, planted vegetation and rehabilitated sand dunes. They also worked to manage weeds, clean up rubbish and maintain signs and park facilities.
A follow-up work day was held with community service students from Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School helping to plant 1,000 trees and conduct rehabilitation works in the dunes near in the dunes near The Cut, an artificial channel in the mouth of the Leschenault Estuary.
Parks and Visitor Services Operation Officer Bev Gardiner said the work was of great benefit to the department.
“Off-road vehicles have caused an increase in sand erosion from the dunes and a decrease in plant cover at Leschenault
Peninsula and the work significantly helped with these issues,” she said.
“The grant also enabled the planting of trees in the Belvidere area to assist with the site¹s rehabilitation.”
The Mitsubishi Four-Wheel Drive Club has been volunteering at Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park since 2000
and undertakes two trips each year to help in rehabilitation works, seed collection and
general maintenance.
As published in Environment and Conservation News, Nov//Dec 2008

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