Trip Leader: Tony & Stella

When: Saturday November 10, 2007

Location: Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park


On Saturday November 10, 2007 eight vehicles met with Tom, the CALM Ranger at the Information board for the Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park to be assigned tasks for the day. The level of enthusiasm was high despite the heat. Before beginning every one ensured that all had adequate sun protection, insect repellent and water to drink.  The cheerful discussion about the best method of removing a bush tick became less cheerful once the competition for, which of us had the most ticks, got under way.  The recommended St. John’s First Aid method is to use tweezers or a flat edge of a sharp implement to lift the insect out of the flesh and then spray or dab antiseptic on the spot. There are many folk remedies, but the recommended method was used. A pyrethrin clothing wash is available to protect the wearer against insect bites and this used in conjunction with tropical strength insect repellent, neck to ankle clothing, boots and an insect hood may be the answer to beating the ticks in the future. At the end of the day, (2.30pm) the first group were successful in erecting a fence at the car park near Belvedere Beach while the second group cleared a walking trial from the roadway to the beach near Belvedere itself. The marker posts were also painted. It was pleasing to notice how few empty cans there were to pick up.
Some returned to Perth at this time, others swam in the ocean while the rest of us returned to the shade at Leschenault Caravan Park for refreshing showers and drinks.

Stella and Tony     Weldon

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