Trip Leader: Tony Weldon

When: 15th – 16th October 2011

Location: Leschenault Peninsula


Mitsubishi Club Leschenault Environment Group (M.C.L.E.G)

Since 2001 our club has been assisting the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) formerly (DEC / C.A.L.M.) in looking after the Leschenault Peninsular just North of Bunbury in Western Australia. Our club recently committed to extend our work in this area for a further 12 months to help ensure the area will survive against erosion, weeds and pests.

The Peninsula has a varied past, dumping of mine site waste, farming and horse breeding just to mention a few.  After considerable restoration, it is now a Conservation Park run by DPaW. Local flora and fauna are now starting to flourish once again with birds of many varieties, kangaroos and other native creatures now inhabiting the inlet and surrounds.

Duties carried out include rubbish removal, planting seedlings, putting in bollards, oiling the jetties, erecting signs, fencing off dunes and car parks, regenerating dunes and clearing walk trails. Our club achieves great satisfaction from performing these duties and appreciate the also appreciate the tremendous work undertaken by the very dedicated staff of DPaW.

The WA 4WD Association and its member-clubs are seen by DPaW as partners in protecting, preserving and restoring our natural heritage and we hope that our work will be a valuable contribution to the enjoyment future users will have in WA.

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