Moore River Sand Plains

Trip Leader: Guy and Wendy

When: 27th May 2007

Location: Moore River Sand Plains

Wanneroo Road was our meeting place

Where we all gathered with the odd new face


Guy produced the attendance log for all to sign

With the Kingstons as Charlies the total was nine


The Archers Otways Doughtys and Hansens too

It was Pierce, Nick and Ray without a crew


Our destination was the Moore River sand plain

So we all took off in Wendy’s imaginary aeroplane


With greeting from the hostess and Captain Guy

The convoy flew north beneath a cloudy sky


Kilometers were past with lots of chatter

In between lollies and chocolate, yes we got fatter


Namming Nature Reserve the sign indicated

So onto the sand tracks we drove tyres deflated


Kangaroos hopped and emus ran

The cars had no trouble on the wet sandy pan

Undulating sand tracks that go for ever

Morning tea cut short by inclement weather

With the rain persisting, wind colder than a fridge

To our lunch spot we headed called Cowalla Bridge

Who would have a picnic on a day like today?

Warm company and good food make it OK

The convoy proceeds to Eniminga nature reserve

Hills a plenty give the accelerator a serve

To Guilderton we head with tyres pumped up

Where tea and coffee is had in a nice warm cup

We say our goodbyes for the long trip home

And say thank you to Guy and Wendy for a wonderful roam



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