Mundaring Powerline Trek

Trip Leader: John S

When:  Sunday  28th of October 2007

Location:   Mundaring

Participants: 13 vehicles

The group eventually met at Chicken Treat great eastern highway Midland after a couple of vehicles 
had gone to Chicken Treat in Midland first.  Ladies were well and truly outnumbered on the day (4-1). 
Thirteen vehicles in all – John and Viv, Keith, Neil, Terry and Liam, Paul and Carol, Peter, George 
and Linda, Piers, Ray plus 4 visitors. Departure was on time but the radio check proved to have a few 
problems – visitors with no radio – George’s handpiece not working and others who had not turned the 
radio on so once we left the main road we stopped to rectify the situation.  As we hit the dirt Neil, 
tail-end-charlie was grateful for the lack of dust owing to the wet weather the previous couple of days.
 It proved to be a busy day on the track with a couple of groups passing us as we were letting down 
our tyres.  
We hadn’t gone 100 metres before a Nissan was having difficulties manoeuvring over the 
rocks (no it wasn’t George but one of the visitors) but after correcting the approach angle they got 
through and those following were then better prepared. A couple of the ladies were quickly out of the 
cars – not sure whether it was for the photography or the fact that they didn’t want to be in the 
cars whilst manoeuvring the rocks (perhaps both). A little further up the track we stopped to rescue a 
Hyundai that was stuck like a shag on a rock.  Stamps, with his new car, was only too eager to be 
the Good Samaritan. After the first unsuccessful attempt they realised he was really stuck but second
 attempt with a bit more momentum proved successful and we moved on leaving a very grateful 
driver and mate to continue with their trip. 
A while later Terry challenged Stamps to try a clay pit bog off to the right.  Always one for a challenge Stamps was happy to oblige.  Unfortunately got stuck in the middle but a bit of muscle power from some of 
the guys got him through.  Terry then took the challenge and went through with more momentum, got 
through but with a big dent in the sidestep.  Neil then took the challenge a bit more gently and also 
needed the muscle power of the guys to get him through. He also managed a dent to his sidestep.  A 
short while later we stopped for morno’s.
After morno’s the trip was uneventful for a while until we found a water hazard 1m deep with a 
choice of hill climbs on the other side.  Stamps and Terry had several attempts at the central, most 
challenging one, without success.  The others took their pick of the other two – one much easier than 
the other. A few challenges later and a particularly tricky twisty washout on the downhill run heard 
the cries “which way is the chicken run” coming over the radio and only 5 or 6 cars attempting the 
run. A bit further down the track was another challenging hill.  After watching Stamps eventually 
make it with a bit of a struggle and losing his mudflap most of the others decided “chicken” was not a 
bad way to go.  Lunch was then had in the clearing at the top.
 Once refreshed we then continued the trip without incident. At around 2.30 we finished the trip, 
pumped up the tyres and headed for home.  Stamps only had a couple of bits to put back on his car 
and was generally pleased with the way it had performed.  
A great day was had by all – thanks Stamps.
George and Linda

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