Trip 74 – Mundaring & Wandoo Forests

Trip Leader: Bob Gigenjack & Peter Fry (co)

Participants: 7 Members, 2 Visitor Families.

On the morning of Sunday the 14th of December 2014, nine cars met at the Mon Petit Café on Brookton Highway at Kelmscott with Bob Gigengack (trip leader) and Peter Fry (co leader). There were vehicles from 7 club members and 2 visitor families. In addition Camilla’s Mum, Maria, was visiting from overseas and so had the opportunity to see the local countryside.

After some participants picked up some breakfast, the convoy departed at 9.30am for Wandoo and Mt. Observation. 
We travelled along Brookton Highway, turning off at Yarra Road to take a picturesque drive through the Mundaring State Forest and then the Wandoo Conservation Reserve finishing at Mount Observation near the Great Southern Highway East of the Lakes. (See Map)

We stopped at about 10:15am along Yarra Road to let our tyres down.

Bob wandered off to see if he could find a Christmas Tree Spider which he had come across when he was doing the pre-trip two weeks earlier. Christmas spiders are called this as they are noticed around Christmas time and are also known as a jewel spider a member of the orb-weaver spiders (See ). It wasn’t long before Bob found one and showed a few people the colourful arachnid.

Morning tea was about 11.15am however there was no bakery to be found in the bush even after much speculation between Sue, John and Peter. After a bit more of a drive, the convoy stopped for lunch at Gunapin Swamp just before 1 o’clock for about 50 minutes and the group had a walk around the surrounding bushland known for native ground orchids.
.. but this was the wrong time of year.

The second half of the track was a lot rougher due to wash outs and fallen trees. There were no incidents nor damage to any cars.

Near the end of the journey the track bordered on farmland with crops still needing to harvested.

We arrived at Mount Observation at about 3:30 and aired up the tyres in order to head home on the bitumen. All in all was a great day.

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