News Behind the Meeting August 2015

A very full but fast paced meeting. Lots covered and plenty of time for supper chat afterwards.

President Pete welcomed members and visitors and gave a quick rundown on the topics for the evening.
He advised all that Secretary Harvey is away for 3 months and asked all to be kind to the Temp Secretary as she attempts to get up to speed…(but as that will take about 3 months she simply asks, “be kind. full stop..!”)
For the evening Peter was his own secretary which is actually not easy doing both…so be kind to him too.

A few apologies proffered. Pat had man flu and was dying…though not quite buried..(that was a heckle… not me)
Guy’s daughter had given him a new grandchild..and he had to stay home…to mind the dogs…again much heckling.

President Peter with sidekick Rob .
Meeting August 2015  1 peter Peter kept us up to date with the positive changes to Policies and Procedures re the ongoing problem of members neglecting to pay their fees in a timely manner. Since fees and member numbers are all tied in with the fees we in turn have to pay to the WA 4WD Association for our membership, it is better for our club to be paying only for those who are up to date with us. Something for all to keep in mind.

Changing the official Policies and Procedures will be awaiting Harvey on his return. Lucky man.

The Committee, in consult with I.T., have devised a method of easily tracking those who are behind in fee paying and the relevant dates easily made obvious when non financial members will be made firstly inactive..and then removed eventually… a few months down the track when it’s obvious they have no wish to be part of Club membership. Peter advised there is no intention for the Committee to be knocking anyone out, or to shame anybody, but otherwise a lot of work goes into chasing up late payers.

Peter Fry called the Franks forward to be introduced and welcomed.

Dave and Sonja Franks .
Meeting August 2015 2 new members Membership Officer Peter Fry introduced new members Dave and Sonja Franks. Welcome to the club Dave and Sonja.
Hon. Bruce Brinkley .
Meeting August 2015 3 Bruce Bruce came forward to talk about the 4WD Association.  The State body AGM is imminent and more people from the individual clubs  are needed to be involved at the overall Association level. He advised 3 officers are definitely required. 
Contact and go along to 17th August meeting to check out possible involvement.
Our club has a very active committed delegate in Linda Bickerdike.

POTY photos.. Brett questioned the attribution of one the photos as it shows his silver triton on a trip…except he wasn’t there. Oops.  But modern technology.   By the time he’d finished talking and all the heckling from the room had subsided…Paul had gone on line on his smartphone and immediately corrected the discrepancy.   It’s a fast life we live…!
Webmaster then asked Rob,our I.T.’guru’to refresh the page on the screen in front of us(except ‘guru’ couldn’t find the “refresh” button) 

GOOD BUYs  a new section on the web page.   If you find one to tell us about..simply send an email with details to Martin and he’ll add it to the Web page  so we all gain benefit.
e.g Peter brought in an air filter to suit a Pajero that seems in all aspects to be same as Ryco except for the price. only $12.20.
We can buy 4 of these to the price of 1 Ryco. Check it out on Good Buys.

TRIPS    Brett Anderson finally gave his trip report.  His had to be deferred because of the revamped July meeting format.

UPCOMING TRIPS …unfortunately the Trip lists were absent from the trip board ..minor glitch..will be sorted by next meeting. Check the Calendar online.

Tony stood to tell of his group going to Dalwallinu which has grown to 6… a good size group.

Paul doing what he does best .
Meeting August 2015 7 Paul Paul spoke of his Collie Climbs Trip.   Can be found in the booklet 4WD Trips out of Perth. The opportunity is there to get out of your comfort zone with supervision and any amount of advice from experienced drivers…or simply to go along, take the alternative routes around the difficult sections, and get to be spectators cum cheer squad for those who do attempt the mud and climbs.
No cars will be allowed if they are only sporting ‘road’ tyres.    And of course there will be a bakery involved somewhere.

Rick Ellis has a trip proposed for 2nd – 4th October. Nungarin Harvest Festival. Neil Diamond Tribute Concert.
Parade. Markets. Historic Homestead

Karen talking about the Xmas plans .
Meeting August 2015 9 Karen Big Valley.  Karen is asking for anyone with inspiration for a Saturday night activity at this year’s event in Margaret River in November. Please phone her and give her ideas. This is the 11th year for this event.

Xmas this year will be at Willowbrook Farm Camp Ground…5th & 6th  December.  For members only.
1679  Gingin Brook Road, Gingin  actually Neergabby.   12km from Indian Ocean Drive    16.7km from Brand Hwy    
Approx an hour from Perth.
2 Options: Arrive Saturday and camp overnight.
           Arrive Sunday for the Xmas lunch

George talked of his planned trip in 2016 to Birdsville via many POI’s.
As he said ..”going where possible where he can NOT be on the bitumen”.
19th August  OZI EXPLORER TRAINING. Annual Event. VISITORS Welcome
The trainers have realised that getting all members to be computer literate is in too hard basket.  This  training session will be just on the use of a GPS.  Those coming will need Ozi Explorer already loaded onto a device or there is no point in coming..! Don’t want to spend the whole night trying to get people loaded with the program. Only Windows based systems are appropriate.
If anyone’s not sure please contact Peter Cole or Rob Nankiville beforehand and they’ll talk you through.

If the intention is to buy one for the night then please check with Peter  or Rob  first. Or speak to someone who really knows what equipment is required.  Don’t talk with a salesman whose only GPS familiarity is the GPS on his phone.
$10 per Family membership no matter how many come.

23rd August PRACTICAL TRAINING DAY with Richard King at Wungong.
Murray  has nominated to be 2IC for Richard. This is the perfect opportunity to have those questions answered in a hands on situation.
Level One Training is mandatory for new members.  Don’t miss out. Also simply a good day to go 4WDing.
Wungong..Up hills, down hills, smooth tracks, rough tracks, mud, water crossing… take mornos and lunch and enjoy a lovely day out in bush close to Perth that many never get to see unless they are hiking.

Tyrepower Cards.

Personally was ordered for everyone on the membership list at the time . Please collect them next meeting. They are not a set discount card as such. They are an identifying card for the Tyrepower outlets listed to find really good deals for the Club members carrying them.

Fire Extinguishers
there to collect.  Trevor advised another Group buy was  possible. A mailout will go out soon. Don’t miss out on this excellent price.

Peter spoke about the LED Lighting and   the fact the Club buys in bulk and can also arrange a lighting assembly night for those wanting help. The market, component technology, and cheaper prices are evolving very quickly. LED Lighting can be very cheap and so adaptable for camping lights.

The next possible bulk buy could be Recovery Tracks. An alternative to Maxx Trax. Murray will follow that through.

Peter Fry asked for feedback at supper. Apparently he discovered his chosen insurance company regards anything off the bitumen as ‘offroad’.. and he found he pays extra if he goes off the blacktop.  Something for us all to check?

Request made for more “Fly Ointment“.  We’ll have to change that name.. The creme seems to have many uses.

If new Club Shirts required… Contact Murray Hudson. His email in Membership List on our web

Raffle was held.. Rick Ellis said it was only the second time in 11yrs membership that he’d won the raffle. He was so inexperienced in choosing a prize he selected the wine glasses and walked away leaving the additional bottle of wine.
But then Nancy Ellis’s ticket was pulled… and they cleaned up.
That’s it for them for the next 11 years..!

Supper Roster next month..   Bromberger  (we like their suppers) Swift Pike Maxwell .
A proxy must be arranged if not attending.

Is every member aware that all contact names, phone numbers and emails are  listed in the Members Section (password protected) on the Club website..?

Sept. 2nd  Club Meeting
Sept 16th  Committee meeting.

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