News Behind the Meeting December 2015

Members arrived early to prepare the room for the large numbers coming for the December meeting.  End of year goodbyes, a welcome to those Visitors from the 4WD Show and Award Presentations.

President Peter Cole welcomed the many Visitors and introduced our Sponsor Adventure Offroad Training, Richard Nicholls.
Next, the Executive was introduced to the room.
Vice President Craig Perry (also long time past Chairman of the State 4WD Association)
Secretary Harvey Hatch.
Treasurer Bridget.. was missing. Probably off spending the club capital? or perhaps recovering from their trip through Mongolia.

Guy was welcomed back from his Honeymoon…oh ..was that his 15th Honeymoon? ..but he seems to have left Wendy behind.

Peter then explained items of the night …
The major prize was a $300 day of training with Richard Nicholls Adventure OffRoad Training.
The prize may be transferred only once if it must…and must be taken within this next 6 months.

Each person was given a free vehicle pack from Save Australia.

There were free items on offer from ARB.

Peter then explained how to use the Trip Whiteboard.
When it was first put to use, there were only four A4 pages attached.    Now it’s full.
A WA map indicating the destinations was adjacent on the wall.
Hopefully leaving no traces of blu-tac when taken down??

Peter also explained to visitors why we needed their details…so that if they have signed to a trip, but at departure time they have not yet arrived, the convoy will not simply leave, thus abandoning someone possibly in trouble.. or still on their way.    In the past there have been only 500m down the road.!  being held up by WA’s wide loads,   and others who have been phoned at home to find they have forgotten.

It is why we join a club. It is how our Club works. To travel knowing one has backup.

Peter explained again the function of the Club Indemnity insurance.  On a trip your vehicle and your travel is your responsibility…not the Club’s.  The insurance covers the Club not the driver nor their equipment.

Peter Fry the Membership office introduced our new family members

December meeting 2015 (3)

Ned and Maura

December meeting 2015 (4)

While Rachel and Muzz (photo) and Tanya and Daniel received their name badges.

The Awards were introduced next.

The Piston Broke
This is awarded to the members who are the ‘Performers’ of the club… Last year’s was outstanding.    Awarded to the whole Kitchen Crew for the night they fed us all the best supper ever…. except we had just consumed the Senior Citizens morning tea for the following day.

Paul Ryan explained the reasons behind the nominations…

Nomination 1: Pat O’Dowd…(A very experienced PB Awardee)

Pat had announced on the club Facebook telling all to listen to member Rick who was to be interviewed on and time.  Paul and his work site all listened…until long past the time advised..
A call to Pat…”What the?  We’re on 6PR, when is it?”
“Oh”, says Pat. “I’m on 100.1..and he just finished..!”

Nomination 2:  Gazza.
Nominated for taking his car for a swim.  Although it wasn’t actually a club trip.. It was a pre-trip.  It needs to be noted Gaz and Pat are  friends and were doing a pre-trip beach run.     Photo on the screen said it all.     Great night shot..!

Nomination 3:  Pat
Pat bogged three times on one Lancelin trip.

Nomination 4: Even Presidents aren’t immune.   Peter Cole.                                           Again photo showed it all.    Holland Track    sideways slip into a deep muddy rut.


It was appropriate that 4WD Trainer Richard N present the award to the winner Pat O’Dowd.

Pat said, “I would’ve bet $100 I’d not be up there this year as I considered I’d done nothing wrong!”

Peter then gave an insight into the judging of the awards…
December meeting 2015 (5)
a/ Gaz wasn’t actually eligible for the award as it wasn’t really a club trip but how could it not get the recognition it deserved?
b/ Peter’s nomination? He’s a judge. He just votes himself out..!
c/ That left two nominations and Pat’s name was on both.  Done deal.

POTY Award ..not given to all the members who have succumbed in the past year to wifely requests for caravans with toilets.

Martin explained how Photo of the Year is chosen. Our motto is ‘Outward Bound’ and the photo is to reflect that theme. Unfortunately though many are taking photos during events, not many are sending their best ones to the club site, firstly for the rest of us to enjoy the trip from a different point of view and second, to have a photo considered for the POTY…and thirdly? to de-stress Martin and give him a good selection to choose from.. (Best Reason)


Peter Cole:  Holland Track

Bridget:       Cheynes Beach (Magazine ad material?)

Michael:       Moondyne Joe Avon Valley

Donna:         White Hills Beach Run

Malcolm:      Warriedar Day Run
December meeting 2015 (7)
Bridget won this year’s Award.

Club Member of Year  A totally objective award calculated by points accrued for any recorded activities and contributions to Club events and culture.

290  Equal.  Paul Ryan and Brett Anderson
300  Tony Weldon
320  Garry Izzard
330  Martin Archer
340  Richard king

570 Pat O’Dowd
December meeting 2015 (8)
Club Member of Year.  Pat O’Dowd   Way ahead in points for his involvement in ‘everything Club’ this addition to  being Trip Coordinator..and prolific on Facebook..!

Ian Lockhart Award.  A Meritorious award. First presented in 1986.
This award is not judged by points earned.   The process is by nomination.

Stella Weldon, a very active Life Member of 25 years, was asked forward to present this Award.

Nominated by Martin was Bruce Brinkley for his active involvement in this Club, in Trackcare and in the Association. He is always willing to help wherever needed.

Nominated by Peter Cole was Judith Brinkley.  Hmmm.. bit of a competition here?  Judith, helpful, Assistant to whoever asks, Buying Group and chief Committee ‘challenger’.

December meeting 2015 (13)

Ian Lockhart Award presented by Stella to joint Winners Bruce and Judith Brinkley.

Next Part of the evening was Trip Reports:

Big Valley: Instead of a “what we did and where”  type report.. mainly because they did nothing went nowhere;  Ate, drank, slept and communed;  Enjoyed fully by all 23 cars full of people;   Martin presented a short video of the past years of Big Valley.
Very first day trip of the very first Big Valley year,  Karen ripped off the rear bumper. Must have been a worthwhile weekend because they kept going back for 15 years.

Lancelin:  Glen Cleaver,  Trip assist to Pat,   told us all about this day.
Intending to be a dunes run, but when Pat learned it was Schoolies Week, he decided to travel the beach.
200m along the beach they encountered the first bogged vehicle. Pulled them out.
200m further and found more bogged. Pulled them out.

Rick Lazar was then in the lead. Now, Pat’s Piston Broke awards have all been about his challenging himself.  So Glen took the sensible route (with strong suggestion from his front seat passenger)  and chose to follow neither Rick nor Pat. And after a period all headed to the highway and home because the wives sensibly jacked up.

Environment Day Wungong
Dave Morrison, Environmental Officer and Trip Leader.  Wungong started off as the anticipated Grade 2 but ended up Grade 4 at times. Past rain.  It was a good driving day with first timers enjoying it too, even though the going was more challenging than first anticipated. The purpose of driving tracks was to record problem spots. Collect some rubbish on the way. Note the sites of dumped vehicle bodies (3 found).  And generally make sure the ways are open for Fire vehicles and the like during the coming Summer.
Next Wungong Day is planned for February in 2016  then after that we will be into a different Regional Park to do the same.

Tony Weldon past Environmental Officer for many years stood to tell the Club and newcomers the history of our involvement with Wungong Regional Park. He showed before and after photos of the area/ air strip used by crop dusters of old. The strip was ripped up by a big machine and our Club planted 1000’s of native plants. The trees are now way above head height and ground covers are reproducing. We’ve attacked Cotton bush and eradicated Cottonseed at Churchlands Brook. Overgrown tracks have been cleared.    This Club has left a heritage to be proud of.

Kitchen crew were given their 30min warning and supper was prepared outside in the fresh air for a change.

Attention was brought to the FIVE December trips on the 13th to give new visitors many choices of destinations to travel within a Club convoy.

See the Calendar for the coming trip details.
Dec 13 Trips
Brett Anderson is taking a full group to White Hills to Myalup    Grade 3
Richard King  heading to Wilbinga  sandhills     Grade 3 (?)
Paul Ryan to do burnouts on the old airstrip…maybe?   Grade 3 to 4
Peter Cole  to Boyagin rock   Grade 1 – 2 easy day not scratchy, no bogging, no getting lost.


Feb  ARB Sponsor night . Canningvale.    Richard Nicholls will do a demo

Feb  Goodchilds Sponsors morning  9-12 for good deals

Lucky Bay near Kalbarri for Easter with Guy
Madigan Line Simpson Desert Crossing end of August 2016 with Malcolm

Bruce called Malcolm and Trish forward to wish them ‘Safe Travel’.   Their home is now towing along behind them. Harrison’s Hobos is the Facebook site.  Trish asked for anyone who has the urge to send a post do so, as they’ll be missing everyone. 15/12 Harrison’s depart Perth for a very long time.

Members Forum

Andrew Whitehead & Son of  Coast to Coast Mounts had set up a display at the front of the room to discuss all manner of mounting solutions for the members.    Imported USA marine grade fitting with lifetime Wty  and a good discount on the night.  During supper they were kept busy with the members.

Murray Hudson was selling Lions Christmas cakes and puddings. Still on sale at the Mannings Senior Citizens Centre if you missed out.

Guy has a Waeco fridge for sale
3kg gas bottle with fittings. And gas.

Sue Morrison showed a great medicine kit purchased at the 4WD Show. for only $90 on the day it is very comprehensive and compact. If anyone is wanting to avail themselves of this addition to their gear, email Judith Brinkley (email in Members List).  If there are enough numbers we’ll arrange a Members’ Buying Group purchase.

The Major Prize Draw…Adventure Offroad Training and Richard Nicholls was first draw of the night and won by relatively new Members Sonya and Dave Franks.

December meeting 2015 (14)

The multiple raffles kindly donated by ARB Welshpool and Goodchild Enterprises, spruiked by Bruce with help from Gazzer, were then drawn with winning members and visitors scoring well.


December meeting 2015 (2)

Remember there is NO Club meeting in January, 2016 though the Committee meet January 20th.

Good bye for December.    Travel Safe.

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