First meeting for 2016 and room so crowded we had to find extra chairs.

President Peter was happy to welcome 18 visitors who’d come to see how we conduct ourselves at meetings….Always around a planned agenda,  but with much laughter, heckling, interjection and a bit of deviation from said agenda .  Even so, it was a tight timeframe and Peter, ever aware he’s going to be hammered for having a meeting that drags on,  had us all drinking tea, coffee and  enjoying the social side by 9:15.

Peter advised our AGM is next month and this is the time when numbers noticeably drop off from February meeting numbers. Maybe an expectation is for a drawn out boring night?
Then happy news….from last year’s minutes, the AGM part of the night only used up 8 minutes  and the rest of the night was the same as any other meeting.

Or maybe many are avoiding nominations for jobs?
Well the club doesn’t function without people devising where we can go and what we can get up to, and to plan it all for this coming year.   Fresh ideas and people are the future of a successful club.     Remember committee meetings are not just for the committee.  Any Club member is welcome to come along. Some members who aren’t on the committee participate regularly.

Of course at this time of year there have been all sorts of lobbying going on in the background for the positions. Especially  this time for a new President…until plans were thwarted by Linda… who pointed out the incumbent Presidency has one more year to run..!
Oh much for lobbying.

We have a large active club. Let’s see some fresh faces at committee level.

The Committee only meets every two months.

To be a delegate is one way to experience the club workings without major responsibility or time. Other opportunities exist for members to participate ….so give it some positive thought and nominate.

President Peter announced changes with Web and Editor positions. These responsibilities, now that the magazine function has been absorbed into the Web page,  have morphed into one position…Media Officer.

Fees: Decision made to maintain same yearly fees with no increase over last year.
$110 per membership be it single or family

The committee have also changed the way fees are recorded.

On 1st April fees are due.

On 1st May unpaid membership will be considered lapsed.
Lapsed members will be unable to participate in any trips or events until fees have been paid.

As a club we have to pay registration with the State body and cover insurance relating to the financial member numbers. In the past it has cost the Club.  The slow payers have been honoured and included in the Club count, only for the club to find,  their fees which cover their inclusion in registrations often don’t eventuate .  So things have to change and now is the time.

On 1st November, membership will be deemed terminated.
But any terminated member can always renominate and rejoin if and when they are able to become active again.

We all have times when job commitments, babies, vehicles, life in general, intervene to put any   involvement on hold. But please let the Club know what’s going on. Perhaps opt out for a year and rejoin down the track. That way Club finances  and commitments can be planned and paid for accurately.  

Enough about the serious stuff.

Peter introduced the new clothing options.
Stunning Live Models were decked out for everyone’s viewing and discussion…no store dummies in sight!!

Now we have options. No longer just the Club navy polo. Shirts short or long sleeved, modern styling, and bush colours, khaki and charcoal and blue.

Clothing information is on the members section and order forms also. One form per person. Prepaid into the club account. Happily no longer do we have to wait until a bulk order is put together.
If one item is wanted one item is ordered …at no extra cost.
See the website.

Past Events:
Peter advised photos of our Christmas camp and our Club tent at the November 4WD Show were sent back to Mitsubishi in Sydney to show how we spent their sponsorship.

The Christmas campover and Sunday lunch was  well attended and enjoyed. We camped at Willowbrook Farm an hour north of Perth and on Sunday took over their large verandah for the Christmas lunch. Well done Karen and Martin and all those who set up, and cleaned up…and to our Santa and his sleigh driver. Different!  And went over a treat.
Not so sure the littlies will continue to believe in Santa and Rudolph though.

Trip report from December.
Collies Climb and a Trip Leader Glen C. who cheerfully flew off to an active cyclone area to avoid giving a Trip Report ..!

Passed on to Co-trip Leader Paul Ryan.  That was a mistake Glen..we got all the bells and whistles.  His version follows…

Paul reported that no one took photos of the first half of the trip,  no time and a normal interesting  jaunt through the bush. Some took their bathers for the lunch spot beside the creek but the day was cold and so was the water. Middle of December and the water was freezing.

Finished early and some decided then to go home.   Others? Well,  Paul remembered a good track to go on to, but later realised he last drove it back in 2007!                                                                       (Some things never change…meaning ‘Paul’.)

A couple of obstacles arouse which meant fun ensued and “S Bend” and a hole of sorts.
Now there were photos to show as now there was plenty of time to take them.!

The “S Bend” was avoid by all except Paul. The Hole was fun … but after the trips leaders went through,  it became the hole that swallowed a Land Cruiser..!

“Getting messy Paul!”  Glen called to the front. ” Come back and have a look.”

Everyone decided to go back…and here Paul, reporting, left out names to protect the identity of the first Piston Broke nominee of the year..!

He , the nominee , didn’t stick to the left as advised…and slid into the rut.

Now not sure in Paul’s story if this is Nominee #1 still or enter Nominee #2 but…Someone decided to do a u turn.   Got really hung up with 3 wheels in the air.  Stuck in a hole. Stuck fast.

Rescue commenced.
Paul relating, ” So first we …. That didn’t work”

“And then we…… And that didn’t work”

” So then we…. And that didn’t work either”

From the meeting room Muzz called out. “So….Is the car still there?”

Paul then revealed that a fact they weren’t aware of at the time,  and would never have considered would ever  be a factor was…the car had been locked into park.
Not easy to go forward or back if it’s in park.

At least it was still daylight and they could see.

All sorts of things wouldn’t release …except the Lockers.. they’d disengaged.

Tried digging, rocking,  winching, snatching and then on the 3rd snatch it moved.!

But now it had a flat tyre.

This was all a great learning curve. Especially the women learned  they must make sure they always pack their ‘just in case kit’ .  Bottle of red. Bottle of white. (There’s a song it that) Book. Crossword.

Jacks out. This jack is designed/ supposed to be installed at an angle to the vertical. Then as it goes up it straightens up.  It wasn’t,  so as it went up,  it angled.   Car fell off the jack.
Kim read the instructions after the fact…..that’s novel!
Tried again..Car went up but… hmmm …. wheel stayed at ground level.

One jack wasn’t enough so second added.

Paul thought he could now leave the scene. All systems were ‘a go’.

Then was it a premonition?  He turned to run back yelling “don’t let the…………”
Too late.  The wrong jack was let down first.

(Next photo Paul displayed on the room’s screen was a shot of  ‘Benny Hill and his Pit Crew’. )

“What did we learn?”  Paul asked the room.

Answer.. Don’t listen to Paul

Bring wine

Don’t even consider a ‘4 o’clock track’.  (If you don’t know what a 4 o’clock track is, ask someone)

Don’t travel on your own


The group  finally left the spot about 8pm and most returned home about 10pm.

From the meeting room Pat called out, “So I don’t get the Piston Broke Award this year?”
Very quick response from someone else,  “Pat, it’s only February.”

General opinion from all who went, “despite everything it was a top class trip”.

President Peter then called to the front the various trip leaders with lists on the board so all could identify their leaders for respective trip information. See the lists on the Website Calendar.

Peter announced: For next meeting there will be a prize for the best prepared, best thought out Ladies Comfort Pack  to take on trips. So have a go and join in the fun.

Trips and Events :
Environmental Dave  advised the coming Wungong trip is more likely to be through Churchmans Brook as the next area needing ‘check and report’.   Dave said even a Wungong  pre-trip can have issues. He was able to enter through the locked gate on one side,  then couldn’t get out the supposedly keyed alike locked gate on other side of the park.    Long way back?

Goodchilds Sponsor morning is early March .  See Date on the Calendar.  An excellent opportunity to get batteries checked or to get good prices on the large range of diverse products that Goodchilds stock. Uhf radios, chargers, solar panels. Sponsor days are the opportunity to get a good price plus with Goodchilds,  you are dealing with very knowledgeable people who are happy and well capable to answer your questions.

Guy’s Lucky Bay Easter break is caravan suitable as well as for trailers and tents.  This is the northern Lucky Bay half way between Kalbarri and Gregory.

Peter’s Four Lakes  trip Leaves Good Friday and note does not return till the following Thursday.  Limited access to provisions. Timing flexible.  No caravans.                             Fees optional …pay Peter as much as you like!!

Bruce talked about the planned WA4WD Association Gathering in Albany during the May June long weekend.  Designed to get all clubs together every two years in a different area of WA to share the distances to travel.
On the agenda…guided 4WD trips. Live music and a dance. Sunday bacon and egg brekky …all on the Association.
Campsite is being pre-tripped this weekend…  Loads of space,  trees and  grass.

For Madigan Line in September, though Malcolm is away, info is available through his co trip leader David I.    Bruce called from the room. “Just as well we are doing it this year. There’ll be traffic lights there next year…!”

Peter  announced a Trip leader Coffee and Donut Club   Feb 24th 7:30 start.                        Ideally,  if leaders, novice or experienced, committed to ONLY ONE EVENT  over the next 2 years the trip calendar would be filled and not by the same leaders constantly coming forward to support club.    Only  1 day in  730 days… Not so onerous.!

The role of this year’s Trip Coordinator should not be asking someone to do a trip.
It should be checking to see if the Trip leader is ready… and needs any help.

Email Peter for catering purposes. Donuts everyone ?
President said “Some people will receive special  invitations and not turning up is not an out.”

Members Forum:
Environmental Dave   Asked for sponsorship in October for completing  a 200km bike ride  (He’s done it before) There’s an email coming soon.

Judith showed the new options available for keeping the flies away…Natures Botanical now in roll on or pump spray …and taking orders. The club makes no profit from this. It’s purely an excellent item members have found to be essential to their equipment.

Neil, speaking from expensive experience, advised members to check that their insurance policy covers (if desired) a hire car specifically for accident as well as only fire and theft.  Some companies have changed their conditions to only fire and theft events for car hire and though it’s  always noted on the policy,  often we don’t really read our policies and then we get caught out.  Neil’s advice scrutinise your  cover as wording may have changed since last year’s pds.
For interest we noticed our windscreen cover option has changed as to when an excess is applied.

March 2  Club meeting

March 16  Committee meeting

Supper roster. On the web. Please check for your names…Will be dire penalties if people don’t take responsibility !!!    Not sure what,  but there’s a thought !

Lights finally went off about 11.

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