News Behind the Meeting July 2015

As promised this month’s meeting was a relaxed catchup, an extended suppertime, and an opportunity for people to familiarize themselves with fire extinguishers.

Peter Cole introduced visitors to the room, explained to all the evening’s procedures and then moved to the casual format.

In the area outside the kitchen, Trevor provided an information event with both demonstration and ‘hands on’ experience for us with Fire Extinguishers. As these are his field of expertise he was the perfect tutor for us.

Trevor said,  ” this evening is all about raising food for thought. Showing you some appropriate options available and for you to get the feel of  how to use the various equipment “.
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Following are just a few random jottings taken while watching and listening to Trevor.

A fire blanket is a tool for home, car and campsite.

You can use it to cover the front of your body as you approach a fire source before throwing the blanket over that flame.

One can wrap a person if they have been contaminated with fuel and are in a potential fire risk situation.

Advantage of fire blanket over chemical extinguisher if it’s your breakfast that’s on fire…you can still eat the charred bacon and eggs… but not when it’s covered in foam.
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Water cannons are used to cool a fire but foam is the medium that smothers the fire and breaks the cycle of burning.

Rule of thumb:    P  A  S  S

P = Pull the pin
A = Aim at the BASE  of the fire
S = Squeeze the operating handle​
S = Sweep from side to side

For a small fire the 2.5kg has much more capacity to put out a fire than the small extinguishers usually found as car equipment.​
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Under bonnet fire. See smoke? NEVER open the hood.
Only crack it open enough for the extinguisher nozzle to poke under.
Opening the hood feeds fresh oxygen to a fire that’s possibly only smouldering.​

​At the end of the day.. if you can’t put it out then GET AWAY.

​Sometimes with present day extinguishers it is cheaper to buy a new one than it is to refill an old or used one.​

​Maintenance:​ Make sure the hose attachment isn’t frayed as sometimes it can blow the hose off and then it’s useless.
​A Fire ext​extinguisher​ ​stored should​ be stood standing up.
​A dry powder type maybe ​laid down but must be shaken very regularly.

Comment from the crowd..” A 4WD would keep it pretty shaken I’d think!”
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Can take to recycling tip ​where  they are processed and metal recycled

​With Trevor demonstrating and instructing
Helper ​Craig ​on ​fire starter duty
​Helper and Training Coordinator ​Richard on mesh lifter duty…
I’m ​not​ sure who had most fun. I know they all smelled of smoke..! and not the lovely campfire smells we love.

We adjourned back into the warmth and out of the drizzle for supper , hot drinks and a raffle. With Bruce winning with consecutive numbers (I’m not complaining) I’m starting to think we need to use lotto balls.
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Many moved to the table showing L.E.D.  DIY components.
Trip Board was there and the night was a great opportunity to talk with members where catchups don’t always happen.
Don’t forget to check the Calendar for future Trips and Events.
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Committee Meeting:  16th July
Members Meeting:     5th August

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