Ninghan Station

Trip Leader:  Sam and Pasc Vasile

When:  30th May – 2nd June 2008

Location:  Ninghan Station

Participants: Ryans, Brombergers, Keith, Archers, Kingstons, Belchers, Jane & Jason, Russell & Jenny, Vasiles, McPhersons and Hansens, Lehmanns.

Friday 30th May     
Two separate group left today 1st Group was led by Paul and consisting 8 vehicles
(Ryans, Brombergers, Keith, Archers, Kingstons, Belchers, Jane & Jason, Russell & Jenny).  They all met at Noble Falls car Park at approx 9.00am and arrived at Ninghan Station at approx 2.00pm and set up camp.
2nd Group left Noble Falls car park at approx Midday.  This very cosy group was led by Sam and consisted of 3 vehicles. (Vasiles, McPhersons and Hansens).  We arrived at Ninghan Station at approx 5.30pm to a very warm welcome from the first group and I mean warm by the size of the camp fire they had blazing for us all to cook on and sit around.  Sam & I set up camp with our new Camper Trailer and new Pajero with an audience. Eventually with the help of Jason we were all set up in daylight and went over for Happy Hour.  Terry & Liam arrived at 8.30pm and set up their swags.

Saturday 31st May & Sunday 1st June
Guy  & Wendy arrived this morning and that completed our group for the weekend. 24 Adults & 7 Children. ( We were expecting Diana, Duncan & Frith) but a little more will be mentioned later).
Today also kicked off our cake baking & damper cook off.  Our very professional judges were John & Sue Bromberger. (I think they had a very hard job because the standard of cakes, dampers & cleavages were very high and contestants were taking the competition very seriously.)
During these two days everybody was able to do whatever they wanted, like climbing the hill, walking, reading, sleeping and some of the group went for a couple of drives around the Station. 

Back to Diana… we were still wondering what had happened to Diana but when Terry & Sam went to the House to pay for the weekend we were then told by the Station Hand that she had rung them earlier that weekend to let us know that she was having car trouble and would not make it for the weekend.

Saturday night the kids built a huge bonfire.  Sunday Night we all thought that we would be in for a big storm and we all packed up some of our gear ready for the next day but the storm fizzled out.
Back to the cake and damper competition.  
Cake competition won by Jane (Carrot Cake)  
2nd place won by Louise (Black  coconut cake thanks to Paul).
Damper Competition won by Bob (Bacon & Beer) 
I think and 2nd place was Peter (Fruit Damper).  
Just a little note that a lot of us had our first attempt at cakes and dampers in a camp oven and I think that we can all be proud of what we churned out of the camp ovens.    
Thanks John & Sue for taking their job as Judges  seriously.

Monday 2nd June
All woke up at a decent hour, had breakfast and slowly packed to come home.
First to leave was Terry, then the Hansens, followed in different shifts by the rest of the group.  Some of us met up at Wongan Hills for lunch and then afternoon tea at a coffee shop in York (I Think).  It was a very pleasant trip home and I (Pasc) drove our new Pajero and camper trailer with great ease.
Arrived home at approx 5:45PM.  Poor Sam has to clean all the red dust off the car & trailer.           
Thanks everyone for a great  weekend.     
Sam & Pasc 

PS For those of you who came on this trip and enjoyed my cake on this weekend here is the recipe.

Camp Oven Black Forest Cream Cheese Cake

3 Eggs
1/2 Cup Milk
250gm Philly Cream Cheese
370gm moist chocolate cake mix   
425gm can pitted black cherries (drained)
1 teaspoon almond essence (optional)
Beat eggs, softened cream cheese and milk until smooth & creamy, then mix in the cake mix almond essence and beat until a smooth batter.  Grease a cake tin and pour in half the batter.  Spread the cherries on top then pour over the rest of the batter.  Place in preheated camp oven at 180 degrees fir approx 50 mins. 
 I mixed everything by hand because we had no power to run a beater and it still turned out okay. 
 I put icing on the top but I think it would taste nice with some cream on the side.                                                 Pasc 

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