Sunday 19th February 2017

Trip Leader:   Bruce Brinkley

Co Trip      :    Richard King

18 vehicles numbers dropped down to 16… and thank you for those two notifications… we weren’t left sitting there wondering.

A large meeting spot to accommodate us all had been found pre-trip adjacent the Caltex at Nowergorup, (North Wanneroo).  We spread out along a quiet service road exiting onto Karoborup Rd to head North.

Paul Ryan arrived last… so was ‘volunteered’  to be Tail End Charlie.

Bruce gave an entertaining brief on what to expect..and after a half hour duck shuffle on the service road,  we positioned visitors and less experienced ones throughout the convoy. Easier to do there than further on.

Arrived at the air down point, a side road in an industrial area at the threshold of Ledge Point township.  Quiet area, no neighbours.

A suggestion had been made early on to perhaps break the trip into two… but the tracks were such we couldn’t have passed each other anyway… and what?  and break up this happy crew?   They were entertained …   and they were, in turn, the entertainment !

Dave began by being so enthusiastic about letting air out of his tyres he had to get out the compressor to pump back up again…!

Cause: a slightly faulty piece of equipment.…not a slightly faulty operator.

All done.. and with a few more lessons dispensed by the experienced ones for those  wanting to refine their current level of knowledge.

Before the last had left the bitumen,  the first were bouncing up and over the sand moguls on the top of the initiating hill.  Bruce, Pam and Cathy hopped out to take photos and videos..and then had to hitch rides.  16 cars is a long walk through close scrub.

Judith led onto the dunes a km or so further on for morning tea.. and wow some very elaborate spreads appeared .. compared to a muesli bar!

and sand play…  we had the dunes to ourselves..  Free to drive but all the while being mindful of preserving vegetation.

Meanwhile the ubiquitous Marie flitted in and out of groups and cars quietly filming.

Regrouped,  counted off,  still 16 ..that had to be positive.. so headed off,  past the water treatment plant and eventually on to the beach.

Neville, one of our visitors, had earlier expressed an interest in being the volunteer to get bogged as our training exercise for the day.

No volunteering necessary.. he was the one who bogged within a minute  of entering the sand.  So while those at the front enjoyed the beach .. the theme for the day was “enjoy the time.. forget the time frame”   the drivers at the back did some training and digging.   Trip Leader thanks those digging…he was a kilometre up the beach.. walking back to them.. but very very slowly..!

Another lesson learned.. to check and compare pressure gauges.  The advised pressure to go to at air down was 15.  This offending gauge was reading 4psi lower than actual…and so at 19psi bogged immediately on the soft sand.  A quick shovel, air out a bit more and Neville was on his way ..and had his wish for the trip.

Drove up the beach passed some seaweed in places, to arrive at a broad accommodating width of beach with only enough weed to give the fishermen a heavy line catch.

Perfect for swimming…and most did.

Neil and his brother decided to try for another training bogging ..(were they bored, or not swimming, fishing, or eating?)

But couldn’t.  Had pumped tyres to road pressure but this part of the beach was reinforced with years of weed underneath and so was firm . They gave up.

End of afternoon was called as end of trip and those who wished drove off the easy beach access road nearby,  and on to an air up carpark and toilets near Lancelin Road.

Such a leisurely afternoon,  the last  who left were still tossing up the idea of remaining till long after dark.   With only an hour’s drive back to Wanneroo then places distant.. not a bad spot for a day trip..or afternoon trip and beach barbecue into the night.  Next Time?

Judith  (Trip and Co Trip’s Gofer)

Rachel Baskerville:   We all had a great day fishing, swimming and taking in the sights.   It was an awesome day.

Marie Murphy:  A fun filled day with lots of 4x4ing, fishing and Laughing.  Best moment was when driving along the shore and Murray advised that we weren’t at high tide yet, then someone said….”I hope no one gets bogged…..” and BAM, within 10 seconds we had a bog out!!!!     Mitsi recovery = Highlight of the day.

Bruce:    Thanks to all for a great group to spend time with.

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