Listed Club trip with  2 cars going:   Brinkleys and Janine

We left the remainder of the Youanmi Trip after Mt Elvire Homestead and moved on for a real cup of great coffee to the Achievable Outback Cafe at Menzies .

South to Kalgoorlie to a huge free campsite at Douglas Lake just 11km from Kal along the Great Eastern Highway to meet with others heading to Rawlinna…mainly in caravans.

Eastern Goldfields Club took us under their wing and led us out to their reserved area at the Muster on Rawlinna Station.  They attend every year and are sponsors as well.

The road there is the Trans Access Road for the Indian Pacific Rail line.

The huge flat area filled up with every possible  camping style set up..

Campfires were dotted across the landscape.

A few thousand  people camping over acres lends to noise and chatter and music and creates the great  atmosphere that is Rawlinna. If you are lucky you are not camping 60m from a vehicle set up with a serious sound system playing very loudly for all those surrounding  their camp ….until 2:30am.

Competitors horses arrived.

Didn’t see how or when the bull riding beasts arrived.  Now that would have been interesting.

Facilities are excellent. The Muster is growing. The members who run it are developing the site. The old and the new…. multiple toilets and hot showers right up until late Monday.


Importantly RFDS gains well through the financials of the weekend.

Had to show this .. A hot water system Eastern Goldfields keep always on the coals. Into the top funnel is poured cold water of the amount needed … and the displaced boiling water comes out the spout on the left.  Great idea. Very functional and group user friendly.

The trip finished at Rawlinna and we made our way home with a stopover at Karalee Rocks. .

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