Santa Came to WillowBrook 2019

Trip Leader:  Murray Baskerville

Co Trip:         David Morrison

The Group:    11 Grandchildren  brought along  Neil & Raelene Hewer, Sue & Steve Clark, Kim & Gail Graieg, Sandy Higgins & Paull Laidlaw, Chris & Liz Whitehead, Bob & Teresa Gigenjack, Rachel Baskerville, Sue Morrison, Peter & Lyn Fry, Travis & Melissa Baskerville, Deb & Albert Rodgers

On the 7th of December we had our annual Christmas party at Willowbrook.
Most people arrived on the Friday night and a few went out to Bindoon for dinner. A total of 37 people joined us for the event.

Santa and his Helper handing out sweets and icy poles to the other children in the Willowbrook Campground On Saturday the Christmas party started about 4pm with Santa and his helpers handing out presents to both the little and big kids followed by a happy hour.

                 At 6 we had our annual Christmas dinner.
The dinner was made up of roast pork, beef and chicken supplied by the club, with everyone pitching in and bringing a salad or dessert.

I  thank everyone who helped  out on the day.  Especially Santa and his helpers.

I would also like to thank Gary Arcus for making the video.


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