Sawyers Valley Powerline

Trip Leader:  Richard King

When: 20th September, 2009.

Location: Sawyers Valley


It was wet and cold when I left Yokine on Sunday morning on my way to Sawyers Valley for Richards play day on the Powerline Track. I’d arranged to pick up my friend John from High Wycombe on the way. Following that Tom Tom advised we would arrive at the Sawyers Valley Tavern carpark at 9.15 for a 9.30 start. However before getting there we received a call from Paul advising us we were last and up for doing trip notes. John and I discussed returning home but decided a day in the mud was probably worth doing trip notes for.
There were 6 cars at the car park. President Paul with Steve, Pat, Richard, Kim and  Darren , Duncan and Terry with Liam.  There were some very impressive looking mud tyres fitted to a few vehicles and even some diff lockers so it was going to be tough keeping up. We left around 9.30 and headed for the track, let our tyres down and set off eastwards.
The track seems to change every time I visit but the going was reasonably easy until we reached the play areas where I think we all got stuck to some degree or other.
I don’t recall any damage or serious situations arising although there was a bit of winching going on (thanks to Richard) and lots of mud flying around.
We came across a few other groups, some more sensible than others, with one group almost stepping over my winch cable as I was pulling myself out of a sticky bit.
Mornos and lunch were enjoyed by the track while some continued playing.
We had a few showers during the day and the wind was a little chilly but very enjoyable overall.
Towards the end of the day Pat had a rush of blood and went crazy through some water holes and really muddy areas. The environmental side of me cringed but I couldn’t help but be impressed.  He eventually got bogged and had to be pulled out by Richard only to find a flat front tyre.  How on earth did that Pajero keep running? It took quite a while to “demud” somewhere to put the jack and even find the wheel nuts. Some of the rest of us took the opportunity to clean the mud off the bottom off our vehicles with some more sedate water crossings. Eventually we got going again and stopped for a late afternoon tea at The Lakes Roadhouse
A great day was had by all, thanks to all who attended for your great company and to Richard for organizing it.

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