Sawyers Valley

Trip Leader:  John Mc (Macca)

Tail-end Charlie – John S (Stamp)

When:  Sunday 5th June 2005

Location: Sawyers Valley

Participants: 5 vehicles.

Much to the relief of Macca (John “M”), 5 vehicles showed up for the day trip through Sawyers Valley. He originally had 7 interested parties, however due to various reason a few members pulled out at the last minute. Macca was running solo for the day, as was John “S” took on tail-end-charlie of the convoy which included Martin and Karen, Gary and Wilma, and visitors Craig and Kirsty.

 With a few wet days prior to the trip and light rain falling as we gathered near Sawyers Valley Tavern it promised to be an interesting day in the valley. 
We turned onto the newly graded section of the powerlines track from Great Eastern Highway and then taking the usual detour through the forest to the saw pit where we stopped for a quick look at the large Jarrah tree. At that stage we were joined by two other vehicles heading on the same path. That set the scene for the rest of the day with an abundance of 4WDs making use of the slippery conditions.

We soon returned to the powerlines track and began the fist of many climbs and descents in the valley. The track had been well utilised with many wash-aways making it an exercise not to be taken lightly. The ground was wet in most parts and several locations presented challenging water crossings to navigate. Most were side-tracked by dry land giving us the ‘wimp’ option if we chose.

Martin & Karen

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