TRIP LEADER:          Judith Brinkley

CO TRIP LEADER : Rachel Baskerville

DATE:                            15th July 2018

CONVOY: Pam Abbott, Mark Buntine and son, Rachel and Muzz Baskerville and daughter,  Judith and Bruce Brinkley.

Not just for women drivers..but a perfect day to encourage them to grab the steering wheel. 

The group met at Gingers Roadhouse on Great Northern Hwy at 10 am for a drivers’ meeting before we headed towards Yeal Nature Reserve.                                                

Yeal Reserve is a sandy drive through natural bush. Nothing spectacular to see, no major 4WDing….just a  route  rain or shine,  windows down …breathing fresh air… no other cars or people to intrude…and only an hour north of Perth

The tracks vary from firm, to deeper soft sand to very bouncy mini moguls  creating variety and  interest.



The ladies day is a great opportunity for the ladies in the club to get some four wheel driving experience.

We  arrived at the safe place to stop and air down our tyres.  It started to rain and Bruce decided to amuse us with a rain dance. Didn’t stop the rain.!


There were different terrains throughout the trip from soft sandy tracks, up sandy hills, gravel and even a small water crossing…. it was more like a puddle….but hey… beggars can’t be choosers.  This gave the women driving a chance to feel the steering, to brace the accelerator foot against the wall to prevent the accelerator bounce effect, to feel the control and gearing needed to handle each surface and the cars’ responses.  


Some landscaping was done on the pretrip to clear some fallen trees.


We’d like to think we also gave our men an opportunity to chill.!! Or not..?  At least maybe to learn to relax while not being behind the wheel…?  

Didn’t find anything resembling a swamp even after the months of rain. Nicely the rain paused while we had lunch. We then headed  to the old fire tower on Wabling Hill. High enough for 360 degree view.  Old enough that it had been demolished and a Telstra phone tower in its place.

Not quite so picturesque  and to add insult to injury the vast surrounding pine forests had long been harvested.

With Military Road nearby driving to Wanneroo Rd and the return home was quick.


We need these unpressured  driving days so that many of the women in our club, who usually defer to their men to drive, will be confident when required to drive and more competent in offroad situations.  It’s all just practice.


Trip Report: Muzz and Judith

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