Steep Point WA

Trip Leader:  Chris and Jan Smith

When: 26 June to 2nd July 2010

Location: Steep Point WA     Westernmost Point of Mainland Australia

Participants: Chris, Jan, Terry, Teresa, Liam, Kelly, Bruce & Jude

Saturday 26th June 2010

Terry, Teresa, Liam & Kelly in one car and Chris & Jan, Bruce & Judy in the other two, met at the Peak Petrol Station north of Joondalup at 4.30am. Spirits were high as we all looked forward to heading to warmer weather for a week of fishing & relaxation.

Cataby, 440 Roadhouse in Geraldton and the Overlander were the respective ‘comfort’ & fuel stops.

Arriving safely in Steep Point at 4.40pm we were delighted to set up camp with plenty of space for everyone. Temperatures were still chilly due to the brisk wind, so a campfire was lit for tea. After a few drinks and yarns, we all retired happily for the night.

Sunday 27th June 2010

A sleep-in was the order of the day as windy conditions discouraged early morning fishing.

Chris, Terry & Liam headed out about 11.30am and the Smiths enjoyed a fish tea that evening. The remaining land lubbers enjoyed some reading, beach combing and generally recharging their batteries.

  The evening’s Happy Hour, camp oven cooking, good conversation and camaraderie was enjoyed by all.

The weather still wasn’t the perfect swimming conditions we’d hoped for but the slow relaxed pace and cosy “bookworm” conditions compensated. 

 By Teresa

Monday 28th June 
 Our near neighbour campers (who came looking for help with flat batteries) said they’d walked past us three times before they saw any movement in the camp.. ..We were all hiding!
The wind is starting to affect us.. affect us.. affect us ! Chris is wearing his inner blue windcheater zipped up to his outer green windcheater. Then he forgot he’d put a can of baked beans in the fire for his breakfast. Blew up of course. One would expect to hear the explosion.. but no..the wind blew the sound away.
Jan hides..! Ok.. so it is out of the wind… and warm in the sun.. so maybe she isn’t so strange.
Theresa, Liam and Kelly… are they really here??? Haven’t seen them for days…but then maybe that’s because we shelter inside our tent anyway.
Terry? ..gone fishing.
Chris and Terry don’t seem to think it stupid to go out in a boat for hours and hours, pummelled by wind and chop, not catching many fish .. BUT LOVING IT. They’ve got to be deranged.
On their return today, we had our cake bakeoff. Kelly won with her chocolate on chocolate. Chris second with his carrot cake which Kelly kindly iced for him… Both winners though. 
The afternoon’s highlight was a game of Boule which started in the confines of a “court” but soon progressed over the dunes, down the beach and back up the other track. 
 I don’t know if anyone actually “won” .
Tuesday 29th June 
Chris had a bath!!

Wind has not let up!

Before coming here, Bruce and I were told we’d have either wind or flies.. At this stage flies are looking pretty good!

Major project of the day.. since the wind had beaten the fishermen to submission.. was for the three men to redesign the stainless steel campfire tank. Cutting, hammering, drilling, pop riveting, wiring..and suddenly we have a multifunctional “work of art” for us to cook in. It has a shelf for the kettles, a hole in the side for resting jaffle irons or for roasting corn on the cob, multiple hooks and hangers for potatoes in foil…definite patent potential !
4WD Men can do everything !!!… (muffled sound of women cheering)
Later Bruce and I opted for the shelter of our 4WD and went exploring the Peninsula. Amazing contrasts in terrain. Rock formations, beaches, blowholes.. Then we saw whales playing 100m out from the base of the cliffs 175 feet down. Magic.

While at Steep Point we were only 500m across the strait from Dirk Hartog Island!!! We remember our Qld primary school history of the Dutch ships foundering along the West Coast. We did have a sense of history.. and we couldn’t get there! The wind was too strong and with just the 2 of us paddling…in wind and chop… in kayaks only… in Shark Bay.. we decided we could do without trying to be shipwrecked also!!! and took photos instead. 

Wednesday 30th June 2010

We rose to another lovely sunny day and although still windy, not as bad as the previous day. 

Chris, Terry & Liam took the boat out for a fish. The rest of us spent the day reading, enjoying beach walks and just relaxing. Later in the afternoon, Judy & Bruce took their kayaks out for a paddle and enjoyed the challenge. The boys returned with a dozen fish between them consisting of Sweet Lip, Charlie Court and Queen Fish. 

Around happy hour we shared a fish tasting plate which was very nice. Chris & Terry were partners against Kelly & Liam in a game of Boule, while camp ovens simmered away with the evening dinners. The oldies tried hard, but were narrowly beaten by the young ones. After dinner, Judy provided a lovely pudding and home made custard for dessert.

Thursday 1st July 2010
After the usual ‘secret mens business’, the guys went off fishing. They call it ‘hunting & gathering’. The rest of us relaxed in the beautiful surroundings and lovely sun shine.

In the afternoon, the kayakers ventured out again while Kelly won our game of scrabble.
The fishermen returned with fish and Liam was particularly happy with his monster Spanish Mackerel.

A small amount of pre-packing was done before some good conversation around the campfire. 

Friday 2nd July 2010
We woke to calm waters (go figure) and spent a leisurely morning packing up our camp for a 10am departure. Everyone was ready on time so we set off around the bay and over the sand hills taking in the beautiful scenery.
By Judith 

Judy & Bruce left the party and headed north to explore the Shark Bay surrounding areas. Terry, Teresa, Liam and Kelly then parted ways at the Overlander Roadhouse for the drive to Carnarvon to meet up with the Quobba trip. Chris & Jan continued home after spending a night in Northhampton and catching up on the history of the town. 

We enjoyed our trip very much and would like to thank the Keesings and Brinkleys for joining us.

By Jan

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