Steep Point

Trip Leader: Chris Smith

When: 6th – 13th June 2009

Location: Steep Point WA


Saturday 6th June’09
We set off from Gingers just after 7a.m. on a sunny but fresh Saturday morning with 5 vehicles in convoy. Chris & Jan, Terry & Liam,
Paul Carol & Jason, Frank Sam & Chris and Tailend Charlie Stamps. Justin & Jason had taken the 
wrong turn, so they caught up to everyone at Cataby.
After shopping for boat bungs, rockmelons & cheap gas on route to Geraldton, we arrived at the 4/40 Road House for lunch. After some annoying moments behind slow caravans, we arrived at Tamyla and set up camp for the night. We had travelled 830 klms on our first day.
A few drinks around a huge camp fire provided by pyromaniac Terry that concluded the day.
Sunday 7th June
Terry got up about 4:30am to light the fire but then decided to go back to bed because it was too early. Chris Smith got up a little while later but also went back to bed. Most people ended up getting up at about 6:00am and had a quick breakfast and sat around the fire. Noone is quite sure who got up last, it was either Liam or Chris Junior. We headed off at around 7:20. It was about 10 degrees by that time.
After about half an hour of driving on that rough road everyone stopped to let some air out of their tyres. Almost straight after we started driving again Frank and Sam lost a jerry can off their trailer so we had to stop again! Everyone got to the campsite without any major damage done. Frank soon found that he had two loose bolts on one of the wheels of his car. He was glad when he fixed them up. Chris Smith got Liam to take the anchor for his boat out not long after we got there. He got completely wet. Not long later the tide went out and where he was standing at neck height would’ve been waist height.
Once everyone was settled into their camps we all went fishing. Some people in boats and some from the beach. The people fishing from the shore definitely would’ve had more fun because Terry and Chris both snapped their rods and everything they caught was undersize, while Sam, Frank and Chris junior caught a few… but the seagulls stole their fillets.
Meanwhile Stamps, Paul, Carol and Jason enjoyed lots of squid, little fish and even a flat head from the shore.

Jan got a nice little fire started and everyone warmed up after cold fishing. We all made nice hot dinners and went to bed early for some reason. But as always there were a few people that stayed up late and enjoyed the fire some more.
Everyone had a fantastic day – well most people – and were looking forward to further fishing experiences.
By Liam Keesing

Monday 8th June’09
It was another glorious day, the sun was shining and perfect weather for fishing.  The day started early for those eager fishermen/women, we all headed out on our boats and cars (for those who were land bound) in different directions looking for the illustrious big fish. 
Upon returning from the days fishing, the haul of fish came from Terry with a Mackerel and the Reading Family with a good size long Tom.  After a few drinks and arvos we gathered around the fire under the clear skies, discussing the size of our fish and made plans for the following days fishing.
Tuesday 9th June’09
On Tuesday, we the five groups of people, went our own ways.  John and Sam went to try their luck on John’s boat, Chris, Terry and Liam went on Chris’s boat and Jason M, Justin, Paul, Carol and Jason R went to try the elusive fishing spot to catch the big one. Frank and Chris (Sam’s son) were waiting for the hopeful call for the boat part. Jan stayed at the campsite to complete her book (which she succeeded) lucky her, I didn’t (Carol).  We weren’t all that successful in the fishing department but had loads of fun trying.  Hopefully by the end of the week we all have a freezer full.  Oh this is the lotto life. 
Wednesday 10th June 2009.
Todays weather was windy and raining. Frank and Christopher went fishing with Stamps due to our boat motor playing up.  Everybody else did their normal thing which is Chris, Terry & Liam on their boat, Jason & Justin (Rock fishing), Paul Carol & Jason beach fishing.  Not much was caught this day due to weather, a few small fish and squid were brought to shore. Today young Jason cooked a cake to be judged by Jan & Carol.  I think it was called a dip cake.  Due to the weather we did not have our shared meal but still managed to light a fire and sit around it.
Fishing for Sam, Frank & Christopher has taken a dive due to our water pump in our boat motor breaking down.
Sam Vasile.

Thursday 11th June 2009
Trip Notes: Jason
The camp woke to yet more drizzle and rain that had continued right through from Wednesday. However, the weather didn’t deter the keen anglers from heading out for the day. Chris took his boat out with crew, Terry and Liam, whilst Stamps headed out with Sam, and son Chris.
Others stayed back and fished off the beach, rocks or cliffs. In the afternoon, some camps started to pack up for an early departure back to  Perth on Friday morning.
Thursday night saw the culinary skills of the campers come out, as the shared meal night got underway around the campfire. An appetiser of bruschetta started the night, followed by a selection of food including freshly caught fish. 
Friday 12th June’09
Sam, Frank & Chris together with Justin & Jason, packed up and left a day early. Not having a boat at Steep Point just wasn’t the same.
Today we had the fishing competition. The biggest catch of the day went to Chris with a
1 mtr Mackerel. Liam took out the largest reef fish category with a 77cm Pink Snapper. Sam was awarded the unluckiest fisherman for leaving a day early which turned out to be the best fishing day.
Terry’s Landcruiser got bogged while retrieving Chris’ boat from the ocean. Paul’s Mitsubishi Triton came to the rescue with a text book snatch of car and boat/trailer.
Our camp fire was a beauty on the last night with many camp ovens cooking scrumptious meals. Stamps cooked a raspberry swirl cake in his camp oven which was a winner in the cake cooking competition. A real masterpiece. Thanks to the good efforts by the guys, we have been treated to cake all week.
Saturday  13th June
Chris was up early before daybreak for our final day at Steep Point. Terry was up shortly after for the ritual of secret men’s business.
All the other campers managed to emerge at day break for the pack ready for departure at 7.30am. Jan surprised Chris by getting up before day break and Paul still managed to score a cup of tea in bed from Carol. Stamps was scurrying around the backblocks doing what Stamps does at that time.
The group finally set off at 7.15am and had an event free trip to the first stop to blow up tyres. Terry discovered his compressor had died , it was turning into an expensive trip for Terry, so the rest of the groups compressors each pumped a few tyres to get him going again.
The next stop was the Overlander for fuel and a pastry hit. Jan whilst wandering through the scrub near her car found scores of dead budgies.
The rest of the Trip was uneventful with further stops at the 440 roadhouse and Cataby.
The trip was the best so far in terms of weather conditions but the fishing was a bit light on until the last fishing day on Friday.
It was an expensive trip in terms of damage and equipment failure.
Two broken windscreens Terry and Stamps
Jerry Can breaks free Frank
Suspension damage Frank
Outboard failure Frank
Snapped rod Chris
Snapped rod Terry
Rod and reel overboard Liam
Lost lure Liam
GPS failure due to fire in power socket Chris
Fish Finder playing up Chris
Generator failure Justin
Fridge playing up Justin
Norwest Blowfish destroys two fish nets Chris and Stamps.
Jason Justin and Paul drink all their beer too quickly.
Compressor failure Terry
Phew !!!! but hey it was worth it.
Chris and Jan organized a fantastic trip and we thank them for the opportunity again to visit one of the most scenic camping locations in W.A.

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